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6 Year-End Maintenance Checklist: Preparing Your Car for a Fresh Start

Carcility - 6 Year-End Maintenance Checklist Preparing Your Car for a Fresh Start
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To ensure your car delivers optimal performance on the road, it’s essential to prioritize periodic car maintenance and car service. As the year draws to a close, maintaining your vehicle in good condition becomes even more crucial to kickstarting the new year on the right track.


Consider scheduling a minor car service with Carcility, the trusted car service and car repair in Dubai, during this season. A minor car service involves a comprehensive vehicle examination, diagnostic checks, engine oil and filter replacement, vehicle greasing, and tire rotation. Typically, this service is recommended every 10,000 km.


Engine Care: The engine serves as the heart of any automobile, and changing the oil and filter is key to lubricating engine parts and ensuring optimal performance on the roads.


Indoor Comfort: Air filters play a vital role in removing contaminants from the air before it reaches the engine. Clogged air filters can reduce engine performance and output. Additionally, the AC filter helps keep the air inside the car fresh by removing dust, pollen, and other particles. Regular cleaning and replacement of filters are necessary to maintain optimal AC performance and energy efficiency.


Fluid Top-Ups: It’s advisable to replace coolant, brake fluid, gear oil, and other fluids to ensure the best vehicle performance.


Tyre Rotation: Tyre rotation is essential to ensure even wear on the tyres, which enhances safety on the roads. This service is included as part of the Minor Service at Carcility, the leading car repair and car service center in Dubai.


Exterior Wash and Interior Vacuuming: Properly washing your car to remove dirt, grime, and bird droppings is crucial for maintaining its shine and preventing corrosion of metal parts. Interior vacuuming helps eliminate dirt, mud, food residue on seats and floor mats, and moisture inside the cabin, providing a comfortable and hygienic ride.


Battery Performance: The health of your battery plays a vital role in ensuring a smooth start for your car and the proper functioning of the electrical system. A properly maintained battery minimizes the chances of unforeseen breakdowns. Neglecting battery maintenance can shorten its lifespan. Carcility’s minor car service includes a computer diagnostics report to identify potential vehicle issues and address them promptly.


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