Car care

Don’t we all love the immense pleasure of driving our favourite car? Paying attention to the vehicle that you drive will not only increase its overall appearance but also help you retain its value.
November 10, 2020
The car we purchase is one of our life’s most important investments, and this brings along lifelong care for a forever smooth ride. A car’s overall impression applies to its appearance, bo
October 28, 2020
From the various reasons that are known to cause safety hazards while driving, a tire blowout can have disastrous consequences. A tire blowout is the tire’s sudden failure, resulting in a quick
October 23, 2020
The dent sitting on your car body could be a result of any incident in the surroundings, of which you might or might not be aware of. It would be best if you always took care to avoid car dents. But d
September 21, 2020
Two main methods will help render the beautiful shine to your car, car wax and car polish, usually used interchangeably, both serving different purposes. Very often misaligned with the idea of a regul
August 31, 2020
Is your car ready for the summers, yet? The scorching July-August heat, the hot and humid weather, and all the year-round dust and dirt puffs may have a lasting impression on your car’s overall
August 17, 2020
Why wait to act till the last bell goes off and you find yourself in deep soup, or precisely, on any road with a faulty brake system! The most common mistake people tend to carry is the minimal attent
July 24, 2020
Depreciation in values of anything we own could be a  nightmare. It is the gradual process in which, over time, due to wear and tear of its various parts, your car loses its value as a percentage to
July 17, 2020
Taking care of the automobile is imperative for its high performance and longevity. The motor oil is the lifeline for the engine that acts as blood, running through its course, to power its performanc
July 14, 2020
Taking care of your car means more than just washing and grooming its exterior and interiors, it involves taking care of the parts involved in the car’s machinery. This care comes irrespective o
June 4, 2020