Car care

There was a time when buying new cars made for bigger business than taking care of already owned vehicles. Not anymore! According to a recent survey, the global automotive aftermath industry (the main
June 10, 2019
A clean and well-maintained car makes a good impression on people. So you definitely want to keep it sparkling! To keep your vehicles dirt free and shining you need a reliable car wash service nearby.
June 3, 2019
Studies suggest in the year 2018 Dubai residents have spent an average of 80 hours in the traffic jam. Cars have always been an obsession for Dubai crowd, owning one and driving them brings in immense
May 22, 2019
“Life is too short to drive a boring car” so why not try an SUV? Owning a car is an achievement in itself, making the most of it is the other. The durability of an SUV is one of a kind but still,
April 24, 2019
Poor car maintenance not only leads to a car breakdown but also breaks the bank! Imagine enjoying your drive, the endless road, the fun company you’re travelling with and out of nowhere, your car co
April 22, 2019
Summer is just around the corner with its’ scorching temperature and for car owners, this means driving around in a furnace – hot steering, hotter seats and hottest of engines. The hot weather
March 21, 2019
So, you’ve got a flat tyre. Well, there’s the bad news and the good news. The bad news is that flat tyres are a common roadside problem and unfortunately, always seem to pop-up when you least expe
December 24, 2018
Mobile technology is changing our everyday lives. It is simplifying the way we eat, the way we shop and the way we commute. But when it comes to car service and maintenance, we believe in visiting the
October 30, 2018
Your servicing bill talks a great deal about how you maintain your car. Nobody likes huge digits when it comes to paying bills but most of the times we blame our car for being a bad sport. While timel
October 8, 2018
When the odometer reads more than 130000, your car goes into the old category even though you might not want to believe it. If the car is handed down to someone in the family, that’s also a sign tha
September 7, 2018