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Carcility’s Care Care: The Ultimate Car Service Checklist

Carcility’s Care Care - The Ultimate Car Service Checklist
Car care

Regular car service and maintenance are important to maintain vehicle health and ensure safety of the vehicle. Routine service helps keep the car running smoothly and safeguard against unexpected malfunctions.


Here is your car care essential checklist:


Engine Oil: In order to keep the engine running smoothly and prevent wear and tear of its components, engine oil has to be periodically checked. Oil changes are recommended for every 10,000 km. Fuel filters are also replaced along with engine oil replacements for fuel efficiency.


Transmission Fluid: Transmission fluid helps in the smooth shifting of gears. When transmission fluid gets old, it can lead to grinding or slipping transmissions. The timing belt and transmission fluid have to be changed as per manufacturer recommendations.


Coolant Levels: The radiator helps to prevent the engine from overheating, and coolant aids in regulating the temperature inside the system. Engine damage may result from overheating. 


Battery Check: Electrical systems and components have to be inspected regularly. Battery voltage and terminal corrosion should be checked with proper cleaning. Headlights, tail lights, and indicator lights have to be inspected.


Tyre Inspection: Tires and wheels help in the smooth movement of the vehicle. Tyre inflation and tread have to be checked regularly. Underinflated tyres increase fuel consumption and cause wheel misalignment. Ensure sufficient tread depth to maintain grip on the road and sufficient friction on slippery roads.


Brake Service: Brake service has to be done periodically with an inspection of pads, fluids, and disks. Driving safety is compromised if pads have worn out.


Air Filter: Air filters have to be replaced periodically to ensure that clean air reaches the engine. If it is clogged with dirt, dust, and debris. Restricted airflow has an impact on fuel combustion, which reduces engine power.


Suspension and Steering: For a smooth ride, suspension and steering should be in top condition. Bumpy rides, loss of steering control, and uneven tyre wear can compromise the safety of the vehicle.


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