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New Offers – Beat the Summer Heat with Carcility’s Battery Service

Carcility - New Offers - Beat the Summer Heat with Carcility's Battery Service
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Summers are tough for car batteries. The charge may get drained faster in such climatic conditions. And it has to power the essentials, such as ignition, air conditioning, and lights. Avoid getting stranded on the road due to a weak battery.


Prevention is better than cure. Some precautionary steps can help improve the performance of batteries and prolong their lives. Switching on the headlights or park lights or using the stereo system for a long time when the engine is off can drain the battery power


Some common issues with car batteries are corroded terminals, sulfation, and a faulty alternator. Corroded terminals weaken electric contact and the functioning of the electrical system. It may lead to difficulty starting the engine. If the alternator is faulty, it will not charge the battery while the vehicle is running. In such cases, the alternator will have to be replaced. With longer use, sulfate crystals may form on the battery plate, reducing its efficiency. Regular charging of the batteries, or desulfation, is the solution to such problems.


Loose or corroded battery cables may cause obstacles to proper current flow and lead to starting trouble. In such cases, the cables have to be cleaned and tightened to resolve the issue.


Carcility, the car service and car repair center in Dubai, has announced great offers for battery services this summer. Let’s learn more about them:

Carcility Exclusive Offers - Car Batter

  •  Free Battery Checkup: Our mechanical experts evaluate the battery and advise the best action to prevent breakdowns.

  • 30% Off Jump Start: If your battery is dead for some reason, a quick and professional jump start will get you back on the road in no time. Carcility offers a discounted rate on Jump Start services for batteries this summer.

  • 30% Off Battery Service Charge: The technicians will thoroughly inspect the electrical system and battery and look for any potential issues. All these at a much reduced cost.

  • 15% Off Battery Replacement: In case the battery is dead, a new battery is being provided at a discounted price this summer.

Offers valid till 31st of August 2024.

Carcility, a car repair and car service center in Dubai, guarantees that only exceptional genuine batteries from reputable brands are used to replace outdated batteries. Get Carcility’s special battery care discounts to keep your car running smoothly in the summer season.


By addressing the underlying root cause of your battery issues, Carcility offers a comprehensive approach that utilizes genuine components to ensure long-term performance and peace of mind for its customers.


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