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Best Electric Cars for 2020

Best electric cars for 2020

Electric vehicles are all the rage in the automobile industry at this moment and with governments implementing stricter and stricter rules when it comes to emissions, car manufacturers worldwide are scrambling to completely restructure their existing infrastructure in order to facilitate the emergence of this new technology.

2019 has already seen some good electric cars in terms of range and efficiency but when compared with regular vehicles, they fall short when it comes to overall cost and efficiency. However, 2020 is all set to change that with the top players in the industry taking a major step towards making electric cars available to the general public.

If you are a car enthusiast and are looking to invest in an electric car this year, then this list might be a good place to start looking for your dream vehicle. So without any further delay, let’s talk about the best EVs to look out for this year:

7 Top-Rated Electric Cars for 2020 

  1. Kia Niro EV

  2. Kia Niro EV
    Kia Niro EV

    You are probably already aware of the Kia Niro, a mini SUV-like vehicle that took the world by storm due to its efficiency and reliability and Kia is again all set to disrupt the market with their latest addition, the Kia Niro EV. This vehicle takes the already tried and tested framework of the Kia Niro and replaces the lacklustre hybrid power train with a strong electric motor thus transforming the entire vehicle. If a compact EV is what you are looking for, then you can’t go wrong with this one.

  3. Audi e-tron Sportback

  4. Audi e-tron Sportback
    Audi e-tron Sportback

    This car actually looks as good as it sounds and with Audi’s cutting-edge technology, it’s sure to ruffle up some feathers in the electric car market. Holding the tag for the first Audi EV SUV, the car does not disappoint with its stats. It boasts a range of 278 miles of range, or less if you insist on regularly flexing its 355bhp and 414lb ft of torque. We can’t wait for the car to hit the consumer market this year.

  5. Vauxhall Corsa-e

  6. Vauxhall Corsa-e
    Vauxhall Corsa-e

    With the market-wide success of the petrol variant, the Corsa is back with its electric release. Rumoured to have an advanced air intake system capable of driving the car further and extending its mileage, the car definitely is one to look out for this year. Not only can the car travel 200 miles with a full charge, but it can also quickly charge up to 80% of its total capacity in just 30 minutes. We believe this car can be the choice of many this year when it comes to EVs.

  7. Volkswagen ID.3

  8. Volkswagen ID.3
    Volkswagen ID.3

    After being previewed as a concept car called the Volkswagen I.D. at the September 2016 Paris Motor Show, the ID.3 is finally making its way to the consumer market in 2020. If you were one of the lucky few who pre-booked their vehicles for €1000, then you can expect them to be shipped to you quite soon. Boasting a massive range of about 270 – 290 miles, the car can easily compete and quite often beat other cars in the same category. This is one car to watch out for this year.

  9. Porsche Taycan

  10. Porsche Taycan
    Porsche Taycan

    Porsche is all set to release their own iteration of a dedicated EV, named the Porsche Taycan (pronounced as Tie-Kahn). The first thing you will notice about this car is its impressive looks and styling that really sets the bar high for others competing with it. However, it’s not all look and has the muscle to back it up too with the premium model delivering an impressive 750 HP.

    The only thing that can set people off is the price for this vehicle. Porsche is asking a number steeper than $100,000 here and while some might brush it off as typical Porsche, we can definitely see a few people already turning away!

  11. Tesla Roadster

  12. Tesla Roadster
    Tesla Roadster

    The Lotus-based Roadster that literally made Tesla what it is today, has announced a followup to their legendary flagship, the Tesla Roadster and it is expected to hit the consumer market sometime later this year, most probably in Q2. The car has been previewed extensively before an official debut and has managed to generate quite a hype considering that they haven’t really put out exact details about its arrival. The first 100 models will be a specially designed ‘Founder’s Edition’ after which normal versions will be released to the market.

  13. Mini Electric

  14. Mini Electric
    Mini Electric

    BMW is taking a strong stand in the EV market with its latest addition to the squad, the Mini Electric. At first glance, it seems like the perfect compact electric car for your family and it very much is, but after a closer look, it seems to be so much more. With a range of about 150 miles and using technology developed for the BMW i3, the car is expected to be a favourite among city-dwellers. Keep your eyes on the road and look out for it from March 2020.

So there you are! These are some of the best electric cars to look out for in the year 2020. Now, we know there are many that didn’t make it into this list and that’s not because they are not viable choices but just that we wanted to highlight cars from all price-ranges to keep it fair for everyone. Which ones are you excited for in the year 2020? Let us know in the comments section below and we just might come up with a part 2 of this article that includes those as well! Keep watching this space for updates and download our app here to get instant access to the best car service providers in your locality.

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