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6 Signs That You May Have Car Transmission Problems

Car transmission problems
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Whether you drive an automatic or a manual, transmission issues have always been one of the hardest problems to tackle from a user point of view. It might not be the most technically challenging problem with the car but it is definitely hard to diagnose and also quite expensive to fix.

Therefore, veteran car owners prefer to continuously maintain these parts so as not to incur large losses. However, it can become quite difficult for a new user to properly identify issues with the transmission.

That is why we are putting together this short article that will definitely help you in understanding the main problems with your transmission.

Here are 6 Symptoms that may indicate You have Car Transmission Problems:

  1. Burning Smell

  2. Leaking Transmission Fluid

  3. Broken Universal Joint

  4. Torque Converter Issues

  5. Solenoid Problems

  6. Jammed Clutch

  • Burning Smell 

    Burning smells and automobiles don’t really go together. If you do notice a burning smell from your car, don’t wait to find out what’s it from. Take it to the local garage immediately for a thorough checkup.

  • Leaking Transmission Fluid

    Any fluids leaking from your car are a bad sign. If you notice that the level of transmission fluid is low even though you recently refilled it, there is a chance of a leak. Get the car to your local auto garage quickly. Fixing the leak alone is not the only problem, you must also search for the root of the problem and fix that as well. Otherwise, the leak is going to reappear again soon.

  • Broken Universal Joint

    The universal joint is the part that holds the transmission unit in place. If you hear a squeaking sound when your car idles, then chances are you have a broken universal joint in your car. Get your car to the mechanic quickly if you notice such an issue.

  • Torque Converter Issues

    The needle bearings inside the torque converter can make grinding noises anytime your car is not in neutral. This usually means that the needle bearings have worn out and require replacement. To better pinpoint the issue, look out for the noises when the car is in neutral. If no such noises occur when the car is in neutral, then it definitely is a problem with the torque converter.

  • Solenoid Problems

    The solenoid is basically a coil of wire that’s wrapped around a hollow non-magnetic core. When the ignition is turned on, it receives an electric current from both the ignition switch and the battery thus completing the connection. When a solenoid coil is broken, it is not able to clamp to the contacts thus failing to transmit power from the battery to the engine.

    A broken solenoid can be very frustrating to diagnose as a loss of power can arise from a variety of issues.

  • Jammed Clutch 

    A jammed clutch is one of the most basic signs that there are problems with your transmission unit. However, it does little to ascertain what. You might notice a loss in power when you shift up or that your car suddenly starts making a noise as if you have shifted down. This usually means that the clutch, which is placed within the torque converter, is stuck. This locks up the solenoid thus leaving the torque converter with much less fluid than necessary. This results in your car shaking and a rise in temperature in the car’s engine.

These are the most common car transmission problems that people face according to us. Got anymore? Leave a comment down below and let us know if you have any more to add to this list and we’ll make sure to update it with the same.

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