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Driverless Cars – The Next Big Thing in Dubai

Driverless cars in Dubai

Technological innovations today have come a long way to shape the future of the automotive industry into an autonomous ride. Beginning on the trend of driverless cars there is a lot of scope as to what way these self driving cars in Dubai can change the lifestyle of the people and how the government is getting ready to introduce these self driving bots on the road.

The idea of autonomous cars, while seemed funny a few years back, is trending in the real-time global scenario as we continue reading about it. The UAE has shown taking evident steps in the right direction to adopt the latest changing trends and be in sync with trending technologies. What seemed to be a distant dream could be the next normal in the upcoming years.

What Are Autonomous Cars?

Autonomous cars, also known as the electric vehicles, autonomous vehicles, driverless cars or self driving cars, are robotic units that function using their sensors and various in-vehicle technologies, like adaptive control, active-steering, anti-lock braking systems etc. These are capable of auto-sensing their environment and function well responding to the changing circumstances while driving on the road. Countries worldwide are taking steps at furthering on envisioning the autonomous automotive dream into a living reality.

Driverless car

Getting Future Ready

Self driving vehicle technologies are a promising future for the various countries that not only have mass public transport systems but also the infrastructure and determination to improve them to be at par with the changing trends. With the aim of having 25% of all transportation trips in Dubai to be smart and driverless by 2030, the government is showing enthusiasm and taking steps to improve transportation means to further enhance the life of the public.

UAE has shown to adopt artificial intelligence technology well and integrate it into various fields. This acceptance reflects the pathway planned for its more remarkable development and into the unventured progress in the autonomous industry as well. With an expected growth of self driving cars, the UAE Vehicle Market is expected to show a CAGR of 32.1 percent during 2019-25.

Driverless Cars Trending in Demand

The demand for self driving vehicles increases exponentially with the rise of the infrastructure that supports the ride. As the number of dealers increases along with the supporting infrastructure, so does the shift in consumer’s behaviour towards the change. With the varying levels of manual control, the autonomous cars range from the level ones with autonomous cruise-control functions and other mere assistance to level four having the ability to communicate with the passengers and respond well to the needs. The UAE government has been active in showcasing their overall change readiness.

Dubai’s Next Big Thing

The ongoing trend would vary with the degree of autonomy that would rest with the vehicle driving itself on the road. According to the Autonomous Vehicles Readiness Index Report by KPMG, with the third most-positive consumer opinions on Autonomous vehicles, the UAE showcases strength in the consumer’s acceptance on the trending market change. The highlights include:

  • The fact that Dubai, the UAE’s largest city and the government’s work undertaken to improve the work quality and change readiness on the technological infrastructure front. Various government initiatives that encourage the changing trend have been highlighted.
  • It quotes that Dubai, as the largest city in the UAE, endeavours to comprise 25 percent of all transportation autonomous by 2030. This comes based on their strategy launched in 2016, which focuses on environmental and productivity increases.
  • “In September 2016, Dubai’s Road and Transport Authority trialled an AV shuttle on a 700m route, offering free rides to commuters.”
  • It also points to Dubai’s aim to generate AED22 billion ($US6 billion) annually. There has been huge appraisals on the government’s ability to perform better for autonomous cars adoption and the future-readiness taking into account Dubai’s passion for technological innovations and its ventures into artificial intelligence and blockchain.

The authorities envision the future of mobility in the region with a planned roadmap defined for the purpose. Dubai is preparing itself for the future of public transport, getting into partnerships with several vital players and having introduced the first-of-its-kind guidebook on automated vehicles, a few years back in 2018. The UAE’s steps in the right direction to adapt technological changes and smart innovations speaks volumes in their attitude towards the autonomous future of the region’s transport system.

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