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How to keep your car interiors cool in Palm Jumeirah, Dubai

How to keep your car interiors cool in Palm Jumeirah, Dubai
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How to keep your car interiors cool in Palm Jumeirah, Dubai

The sweet and sweaty summer is here . With its clean beaches and summer heat, summers at Palm Jumeirah are an exciting time for you and not so much for your car. With temperatures hitting as high as 41 degrees celsius, calling it hot would be an understatement. You could always beat the heat with some ice cream or soda pop. What about your car? Did you know the temperature inside a vehicle directly parked under the sun can reach up to 80° C. Hot much!? This can, in turn, damage the interior of your car. So here are some tips and tricks to let your car breathe this summer.

The first one is fairly obvious. Park your car under a shade. It may not be possible in a busy, crowded place, but you can continue to try. At least that way, when you enter your vehicle, the steering, dashboard, and car seats are not near-boiling hot. This becomes especially handy in a place like Palm Jumeirah.

Use Reflective Coatings: Trust us, a special windscreen shield with a reflective coating that can block UV rays and heat is one of the best investments you can make this summer for your car in a location like Palm Jumeirah, Dubai. In addition to keeping the temperature relatively cool within the cabin, it also prevents premature plastic cracking. This way, you can make sure that your car is safe.

The Window Gap: Just allow the windows to open a crack to make airflow easier. Compared to a fully closed cabin, it can make a huge difference. However, you don’t want to do this on a sandstorm day. As Palm Jumeirah is a very safe place to live, all you have to check is the weather forecast on your radio if you’re going to do so.

Open Door Policy: If you follow the above tips in a hot baker, it can be helpful to get that trick up your sleeve. You can get away from the doors at least 15-20 seconds before entering the hot air to help you escape more quickly. This can be followed wherever you are. Be it in the beautiful streets of the Palm Jumeirah or Jumeirah Village Circle.

Wipe the towel down the steering and gear knob as soon as you enter: Use a thick, wet cotton towel. This simple trick can absorb thermal energy from the surfaces of plastic, leather or metal to help them to touch – a neat way to beat the heat.

Air recycling: Keep the windows open and keep the AC recirculated when you start to drive. The AC can save the work of recirculating cool air into it, which can be too hard to normalise the temperature.

As much as we love the summer, we ought to get the best care for your car. Doing regular car maintenance is the best way to beat the mighty sun in Palm Jumeirah. Carcility provides you with the best car repair and maintenance services for the residence of Palm Jumeirah, Dubai. Be it AC repairs for your car, adding a reflective coating to windshields, car engine repairs, oil changes for cars or even a simple car wash, Carcility has it covered for you. All these services and more under one app on your smartphone. A smarter way to handle all your car-related services.

With a few tricks up your windshield and Carcility to take care of the rest, live the full glory of the Palm Jumeirah, Dubai summer.
Let the oven do the baking; your car is meant for bigger things. Ride the summer wave while protecting your car interior.

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Happy Driving!

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