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How wheel alignment affects your Mercedes

How wheel alignment affects your Mercedes
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Mercedes Benz is one of the most beloved automotive brands in Dubai. Every Merc is in a class of its own, and thus needs the best maintenance and professional care there is. Being technologically highly advanced, the driver display will give you information about any faults and errors in your vehicle. A common problem that may occur, which will not give you a warning sign is the misalignment of wheels. Wheel alignment is critical to a vehicle’s smooth ride and control. This might have a detrimental impact on the tyres of your Mercedes-Benz. Luckily, you have the option to get your car’s wheels examined and adjusted in a timely manner, this will save you money by extending the life of your tyres. At Carcility, we have a team of skilled mechanics that can help you get the most out of your Mercedes-Benz by providing the wheel alignment service.


Here are a few things to know about wheel alignment.

Wheel alignment

The concept of wheel alignment is often misunderstood. When it comes to your car’s wheels, wheel alignment (also called tracking) has more to do with your car’s suspension than with the wheels themselves. Though suspensions are constructed for some bumpiness, too much of it may wreak havoc on your car. Some components of your car’s suspension might be knocked out of line, forcing the wheels to sit at an unnatural angle. Wheel alignment guarantees that your vehicle’s wheels are put straight again, preventing additional issues.

What happens when your wheels are misaligned?

An unevenly worn tire can significantly degrade its performance, putting lives in danger as a blowout might occur. Wheels that are misaligned also result in lower fuel efficiency, as mismatched wheels offer more resistance to the road, resulting in lower fuel mileage. Studies show that preventive wheel alignment increased tire life by up to 20%. Misaligned cars will have quick or uneven tyre wear, which means they will need to be changed sooner. As a result, your gasoline costs will rise, adding to the cost of driving.

Misaligned wheels might make your Mercedes less stable, and this can be an issue if you need to make an emergency or evasive maneuver. It’s vital to get your car’s alignment examined periodically since wheels can become misaligned from normal wear and tear or everyday incidents like striking a pothole or a curb.

Look out for…


1. Abnormal wearing of tyres

This one is pretty obvious. To put it another way, when the tyres are not properly aligned, they have an unbalanced load. When a tyre is used repeatedly with the alignment wrong, one side will wear down faster than the other. Consider taking your car in for realignment maintenance if you notice your tyres are smoother on one side than the other.

2. Car drifting to one side

When the wheel has wrongly aligned, the car will tend to drift in one direction while riding. Check if your Mercedes is drifting to the right or left on its own. If so, book your service with Carcilty to get your wheels realigned.

3. Problems with the steering wheel

When the wheel alignments are off, you can quickly identify them by observing your steering wheels. In case of misalignment, it’ll be hard to return the wheels after a turn. The steering wheels would also experience vibration or jerking every now and then.

4. Squealing sound from the tire.

A poorly aligned wheel almost always makes the tires squeal.

When driving on a straight stretch, let go of the steering wheel for a few seconds(only if there are no vehicles around and if it is absolutely safe) to see if the car veers left or right. One that is properly aligned will not drift off course.

5. Realigning your wheels

It doesn’t take long to align a wheel, but it can be a complex procedure. Overall, re-configuring the suspension system is usually required to ensure correct wheel alignment with the road and each other. This requires the use of a machine for alignment. Your Mercedes suspension is likely to be checked at such a visit to see whether any extra maintenance is required. During an alignment, the steering wheel’s centering will also be adjusted.

Camber, caster, and toe are the three significant angles that will be adjusted. The following is a brief description of what each of these refers to.

Camber– A tire’s camber refers to the angle at which it is tilted in relation to the road. Positive camber occurs when a tire’s top tilts away from the car, whereas negative camber occurs when a tire’s top tilts toward the car.

Caster– Although the caster is challenging to grasp, the angle is generated by turning the steering wheel from front to rear. A forward-angled line has a positive caster, while a backward-angled line has a negative caster.

Toe– Setting the toe affects the vehicle’s handling capabilities by affecting the direction of the tires in relation to the vehicle’s center line.


Maintenance is a must.

Keep an eye on your wheel alignment to save money. If you have your wheel alignment checked on a regular basis, you will benefit from the following:

  • Tires will last longer.
  • The handling and comfort of the vehicle will be improved.
  • There will be a reduction in fuel and energy usage

It is suggested that you have your wheel alignment checked at least once a year.

Depending on the year, make, and model, you may need to ensure the service can recalibrate (Automatic Driver Assist System) while getting your Mercedes alignment done (ADAS). This relates to lane assist and vehicle avoidance technologies. A recalibration of the system may be necessary since it works with the steering components.

The steering system calibration in high-end European automobiles, such as Mercedes, requires the appropriate alignment equipment. Knowing what you’re doing and having the appropriate gear is essential. We have the best of the best in the field of automotive repair to help you realign your wheels. Carcility, the most trusted car servicing app in Dubai, provides the best car services for your Mercedes. From oil changes to ac repairs and engine repairs, we have you covered. Book your car service today at or download our app.

Happy riding!

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