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The Most Innovative Car Accessories That You Haven’t Seen Before

Cool car accessories

Technological modifications are rising at par with all that is happening in and around our universe. Created to meet the consumer’s demands, these modern creations fit the picture well. Just think of innovations, ranging from safety equipment or having your coffee machine with you, in your car, there are accessories designed to meet all the various demands. Whatever the requirement is, the market has answers.

10 Innovative Car Accessories for Various Occasions and Events

  1. Finding Car Keys

  2. Has hunting for your car keys in all possible places become a routine task. There are breakthroughs in integrating the Bluetooth technology to locate missing items and devices. With various innovations to fix this common problem, you can now use these to search for any daily essentials. Further developments include accessories that are paired with voice assistants like Alexa.

    Following is one such example:
    Tile Mate- is in the form of a small Bluetooth tracker that can easily slide into your keyring. All you have to do is connect it with your phone and give it a ring. The ringing sound on the device will then help you in locating the keys.

  3. Life-Saving Tools

  4. We have car accessories now that not only help us with our basic everyday requirements but also prepare us for the worst situations. No one ever imagines self in car accidents or near-death positions. An unfortunate road accident might lock your seatbelts or have you disabled to get out of the damaged vehicle. It is better to be safe than sorry, with the innovative auto accessories that equip us with ways to come out of such dangerous circumstances. You can use tools like a StunGun or a Taser Baton to break the windshield and escape from the situation. Car accessories like an AutoXscape Life-saving tool or an IPOW Car Safety Hammer Escape Tool, are multipurpose safety innovations. These equip you with ways to operate in situations like a water escape where you would need to cut loose the jammed safety belts or break the glasses to come out of the vehicles.

  5. Dash Cameras

  6. Gone are the days when the absence of a CCTV camera around an accident site would help the culprit to escape. Innovations with cameras that can easily fit in your vehicle’s rearview mirror and have both front and high-quality rear cameras will provide a backup for unforeseen instances. A rash driver’s act can be caught in action and can thus be used as evidence in court or for the police. Examples of such car accessories include the YI Mirror dash cameras or the Papago Car dash cameras.

  7. Alexa Integrations 

  8. Today, voice assistants are our companions everywhere. Devices powered with voice assistants like the Alexa integrated dash cams are created purposefully to help you on the road with daily operations. Alexa will come to your rescue if you’ve forgotten to switch off your lights at home.

  9. Entertainment Accessories 

  10. Are you worried about having an old car without the latest entertainment models? Even if you have the old cassette player installed, then you needn’t worry because technology has found an approach to insert Bluetooth into those cassettes too. Innovations like the Ion Audio Cassette Bluetooth or the Cassette to 3.5mm AUX Adapter, have a built-in rechargeable battery and can turn that old cassette deck into a Bluetooth music receiver. If your car is compatible with newer stereo models, then you can even opt for devices like the CarPlay/Android Auto-Compatible Head Unit that will fit the design and treat you with a modern head unit. Happy days, right?

  11. The Hudway Cast 

  12. It is another similar accessory kind. These are portable heads-up displays, projected on the windshields that can fit any car and are here to help you cancel the hassle with display units near the air vents or to the other side of the steering wheels. Equipped with GPS navigation as well, they help you to operate on texts, maps, calls & music on-the-go.

  13. Monitoring Car Health

  14. You no more require a manual approach to monitor your car’s health. You can opt for various Bluetooth enabled devices that will maintain a record and track your tire’s pressure or your vehicle’s battery power and thus get alerts before the eleventh hour. Examples of such innovations include a Wireless car pressure monitoring system, Fobo tire plus, Batbot Vehicle Battery Monitoring Device, or the Nonda ZUS Smart tire Safety Monitor.

  15. Air Purifiers

  16. These are vital when it comes to the current environmental condition that persists. Air purifiers function to purify the air we breathe of the particulate matter in them. Innovations in auto accessories have advanced to the point where air purifiers are not only limited to your residences or office but have a place as our travel companions. This is required, especially when you’re traveling with the kids. Portable car air purifier examples include Philips Go Pure Car Air Purifier.

  17. Family Rides

  18. Long drives could turn out to be a dreadful adventure for the car’s state if you have the entire family riding along. For every necessity, be it having your pet on the road trip, or organizing all the baby products handy, there are car accessories like the PALMOO backseat Organizer or the Foldable Car Seat Pet Carriers designed to serve those individual purposes. An accessory like the Cooluli Electric Cooler and Warmer will help you with the adequate water temperature provisions at all times. Products like a Portable vacuum cleaner prove very convenient and helpful when it comes to clearing the dust even in the most inaccessible areas.

  19. Camping Peripherals

  20. Camping is fun except for the point where it comes to sleeping on the ground. There are vehicle accessories like an Inflatable Mattress that you can lay comfortably at the back seat of your car for a good night’s sleep. A heated blanket will come handy for a comfortable sleep during cold camping nights. Other accessories specifically designed for camping purposes include a Canopy for Shade, Skycamp Rooftop Tent, or an Autocastle Airbed. These are meant to not only fit the need, but their compatibility with almost every type of vehicle fits the purpose well.

This is not all of it! More such innovations are sure to blow your minds. You can now get your hands on accessories like the Handpresso Coffee machine for your daily coffee requirement, en route to the office, or an item like the Wheelmate Extreme Disk to provide as a tray for easy and comfortable meals in the car. Let us know in the comments below for other innovative peripherals that you think deserve mention!

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