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6 Reasons Why Your Car Air Conditioner is Not Blowing Cold Air | Carcility Dubai

Reasons why car ac is not blowing cold air
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The mere imagination of driving a car that has a defective air conditioner is enough to feel the unpleasantness. There is no fun in riding your vehicle on a hot summer day (the usual high temperatures as experienced here in Dubai, UAE) with a car ac that is not working. As much as the ac functions as a relief from the scorching heat, it has health safety concerns as well. Staying with the heat inside your car and a malfunctioning ac might lead to serious health problems like the feeling of discomfort, dizziness, and chances of heatstroke.

Reasons why your car ac is not blowing cold air

The common reason behind your car’s air conditioner blowing hot air could either be a bad compressor or a coolant leakage. Various car ac cooling problems include a completely nonfunctional air conditioner, hot air blowing from it, or your ac blowing cool air instead of maintaining proper cold temperatures.

With the general expectation of feeling the cool air on switching on your air conditioner, the confusion is when you’re treated with warm air instead. There could be several causes of why your air conditioner is blowing hot air instead of cold. The various reasons why your air conditioning is not working and not providing cool air could be related to the overall repair or service requirement for the multiple components that contribute to a car’s cooling mechanism.

Here are 6 reasons to help identify why your air conditioner is not working properly

1. Low Charge

Your ac could not be providing cool air because of it running on low charge. From all the various causes for a car ac failure, this is the most common reason encountered. A low charge in the ac might be the reason for insufficient cooling, and the only way to resolve the issue is by recharging the air conditioner. You can recharge the refrigerant by yourself or get a professional to do the servicing part.

2. Refrigerant Leakage

Another possible reason for your ac not blowing cold air could be leaking refrigerant. With low pressure in the system, the compressor will not be able to cycle correctly, and hence the hot air. The refrigerant leakage can take place at any point of the A/C unit hose connections and so while checking for it, look for possible oily substance accumulation and seal it with the recommended sealant (the ones specially designed for air conditioning units). The refrigerant leak fix might not suffice with a seal if there is a problem with the system’s mechanical component. You might need to flush out the entire refrigerant and replace the fluid properly in case of large leakage.

3. AC Condenser Blockage

Your car condenser functions both as an evaporator and condenser to convert the high-pressure, high-temperature gas coming from the compressor into a cool high-pressure liquid. It carries out its processes using the airflow that comes through the front while driving. With time, dust and dirt can get accumulated that would result in its blockage. You feel the hot air coming from your air conditioner when the car’s system will continue its operations with the overheated refrigerant.

4. AC Compressor Failure

The car ac compressor powers the refrigerant under high pressure before it reaches the condenser. Your car ac system will not function at its peak with a faulty compressor. The compressor would need repair if kept unused for long periods. There could be various other reasons for its defect like an electrical fault in the circuit or clutch or leaking refrigerant. Look for a certified mechanic for your car air conditioning repairs.

5. Cabin Filter Damage

The car cabin filter functions to separate the dust particles as it enters from the front end while driving. A faulty air cabin filter will inadequately filter out the debris that gets in, and this debris accumulation could damage the motor fans and the car ac condenser as well.

6. Motor Fans Damage

Over time debris collection on the motor fans might result in its damage, which in turn obstructs the passage of cool air to the condenser resulting in you receiving warm air even with the air conditioning switched on.

7. Condenser Damage

A similar case where you feel the hot air from your car’s ac but caused due to different parts malfunctioning. The trash and dirt from the road might not block your car ac condenser, but damage it or cause its complete breakdown.
You can check for the cases by visually inspecting the front of your car condenser being blocked or damaged by the road debris.

8. Condenser Fan Failure

A different reason you would need a car ac repair might be due to the failure of the fan motors present in the vehicle. You can visually inspect the damaged fan in the system. Your car ac condenser is not going to receive adequate cooling with the malfunctioning fans, and as time passes, you start receiving hot air instead of cold. The fan might get damaged with dust and dirt accumulation, a blown fuse or other electrical issues with the unit. You might need to repair the condenser to restore its proper functioning. If you are inexperienced with the technical know-how of the car air conditioning repair, it is best advised to resort to professional help for the same.

Cost of Car AC Repair in Dubai

The regular car ac service price can scale up to 300 AED, which will vary with the various car service centers. The car ac repair price might increase with the compressor, wiring, hose connections, and condenser checkups. The cost of a car ac repair will vary with the model and type of the car, the service required (specific details or overall check for ac failure).

The primary reason for your car not blowing cold air could be its poor maintenance. It is always advised for regular checks and follow routine servicing schedules to avoid further damage to any of your car parts.

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