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Stay Cool This Summer: 8 Tips for Maximum Efficiency and Fuel Economy of Your Car’s AC

Stay Cool This Summer: 8 Tips for Maximum Efficiency and Fuel Economy of Your Car's AC
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The temperature in the UAE has soared to 50 degrees this summer. This makes car travel stressful and tiresome unless precautions are taken to improve the functioning of air conditioners and enhance fuel efficiency.


Here are 8 tips to improve fuel efficiency and optimize your car’s AC performance:


1. Park in the Shade: If possible, park your car in the shade to reduce the workload of your AC. Always switch on the AC only a few minutes after starting the engine. Initially, keep the windows open to allow the hot air inside the cabin to escape.


2. Get Your Car’s AC Serviced: If your car’s AC cooling is less than desired, perhaps the refrigerant needs to be topped up or there may be leaks in the AC pipes. Similarly, the condensers may be having problems. Blocked air condensers, broken cooling fans, air vents, or filters can lead to insufficient cooling of the AC. Broken, loose, or damaged AC drive belts may cause vibrations or noise, and this has to be rectified for optimum performance of the AC.

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3. Coolant Leaks: Coolant leaks can lead to radiator overheating and heat buildup in the car. Coolant has to be topped up during the summer months, and any leaks in the coolant pipes should be addressed immediately.


4. Monitor Tire Pressure: If the car is driven with tire pressure below recommended levels, it leads to a decrease in fuel efficiency and also impacts wheel balancing and alignment. Driving at low pressure can also damage the sides of the tire and reduce its life.


5. Sunscreens: Sunscreens can prevent excess heat from entering the car through the windows and windshield and enable the car to cool faster during the summer. Window tints of various shades are available.


6. Turn Off the Engine and AC: If you are stopping for more than a few minutes, it is better to switch off the engine and AC rather than keeping them running to save on fuel costs and excess stress on the AC.


7. Interior Hygiene: The dust, food leftovers, and other debris within the car can lead to a foul smell and the clogging of air filters. It is important to keep the interiors clean before summer.

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8. Regular Fluid Checks: Engine oil, transmission oil, and other fluids have to be topped up regularly for optimum engine performance and fuel efficiency.


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