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The essential fluids your car needs

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Cars require different types of fluids to run smoothly. In any machine that has moving parts, wear and tear can be reduced only through proper lubrication. Periodic Car Oil Service can ensure that all essential fluids are topped up or replaced ensuring the smooth functioning of the vehicle. 

Here is the list of essential fluids needed for your car:

1. Engine Oil: Engine oil lubricates the moving parts of the engine preventing friction, wear and tear. The engine oil status can be known from the display panel in front of the driver. and the engine oil can be checked using an oil dip provided in the bonnet. It has to be examined every 3000 km for top-up or replacement.

2. Transmission Oil: Transmission oil lubricates the moving parts. It helps transmission gears and clutch to work at optimum efficiency. It is normally changed every 150,000 km. If you notice rusty oil on the ground when the vehicle is parked, it may be an indication of a transmission oil leak.

3. Coolant: A lot of heat is generated in the engine in the process of producing energy to run the vehicle. To keep the system cool, coolant is used to absorb the excess heat. It protects both elastic and plastic parts in the motor. The coolant tank has maximum and minimum levels. If the fluid drops below the minimum level, the coolant has to be topped up or replaced.

Take your car for an engine service in Dubai, to ensure that all the fluids are sufficient for the smooth running of your vehicle before a long road trip.

4. Brake Fluid: Before starting any journey, one of the concerns every driver should have is about the condition of the brakes. A malfunction can lead to a disaster for the vehicle and passengers. Brake fluid helps put pressure on the brake pads when the car has to be slowed down. If the response of the break is slow or delayed, the brake pads and fluids have to be checked. Typically, brake fluids have to be changed every two years.

5. Power Steering Fluid: The ability of a car to maneuver a turn depends on the efficiency of the power steering. Power steering fluid helps maintain the balance and control of the car. Steering can be effortlessly turned only if the power steering fluid is adequate. Power steering fluid levels can be checked by opening the hood and finding the reservoir marked ‘power steering fluid.’

6. Gear Oil: Gear oil lubricates the gearbox and has to be changed periodically for a smooth and comfortable drive.

Carcility, the car repair service in Dubai, offers comprehensive oil service to its customers. Keep your car in smooth running condition by ensuring sufficient fluid levels as indicated in this blog or book now at to get all your car repair, service, and maintenance needs.