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Top 5 Car Repair Issues in Dubai & Prevention Tips

Top 5 Car Repair Issues in Dubai & Prevention Tips - Carcility
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Global brands produce cars in various nations to the same high-quality standards and specifications. However, the service requirements may vary from region to region depending on climatic conditions and infrastructure. Because Dubai’s weather changes over the year, car owners might encounter a variety of issues daily in order to keep their vehicles in excellent condition.


The following are the top 5 car repair issues and preventive measures to take:


1. Oil Change: Engine oil reduces friction between vehicle parts. It protects the engine from both natural wear and tear and overheating. It serves to eliminate impurities from engine components. Due to the high temperatures, regular oil changes may be required in Dubai.

Noise from the engine, panel lights, and dirty oil on the gauge are all signs that it’s time to change the oil.


2. Brake Repairs: In city traffic, you have to use your brakes a lot to stop and slow down. This puts too much stress on the brake pads, which damages them. Noises like squeaking or grinding and a soft stop button are all signs of worn brakes. When cars pull to one side, it could mean that the brakes aren’t working right.


3. Battery Services: Hot climatic conditions may affect the lifespan of the battery. The battery has to be checked for voltage, corrosion of terminals, and other issues to keep it in good condition to power the electrical system.

Carcility, the car service and car repair in Dubai, offers exclusive summer car care packages for battery replacement and service.


4. Tyre Maintenance: Check and rotate tyres on a regular basis to extend their life, especially during hot weather. Maintain adequate tyre pressure to minimize safety hazards and damage. Check the tyre pressure and tread depth often to spot uneven wear or damage.


5. Air conditioning: Extreme heat conditions necessitate regular maintenance of the AC. Car ACs may see a drop in refrigerant levels, which reduces cooling and clogs filters. Indicators of trouble with ACs include weak cooling, poor air flow, unpleasant odours from vents, and noisy functioning.


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