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Types of Car Service in Dubai

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A car service or car maintenance is done at regular intervals. It is undertaken when the car has traveled a certain number of miles or after a time period. Usually, the car servicer issues a timetable that is best if followed properly. The service aims to fix any problems with the car, refill fluids, and an inspection is also done to ensure that nothing else is wrong with the vehicle. Car Service in Dubai is definitely different from the test done by the UAE Government. That is done to be sure that your vehicle adheres to the safety standards for driving a car in Dubai. 

At the most basic level, there are three types of car services . Although various centers may call it in their unique names, it is essentially all the same as there will always be three levels in a tiered pricing structure. 

1. Interim Car Service

The most basic service of them all, at some car service centers , it is also known as the ‘Bronze’ service. The service is mainly aimed at high-mileage drivers, those who drive for 20,000 miles or more than that a year. They just cannot suffice with only an annual service. For their cars to be at the top of the game, it has to be serviced twice or thrice a year. Usually, an interim car service includes oil change, oil filter change, and an inspection of the car’s main components like engine, brake system, lights, tyres, wipers, etc. Other services that are included in this package are the lubrication of all moving parts, top-up of all fluids, and a thorough inspection. 

2. Full Car Service

The full service is also known as an ‘Intermediate’ or ‘Silver’ service. This package is usually recommended for 12 months or 12,000 miles. This is perfect for drivers who are ‘low-mileage’ and only need an annual service. In addition to an interim service, the full service also includes a wider range of checks and service replacement parts. At most car service centers this package includes, air filter change, extensive brake inspection, air conditioning system inspection, fuel filter/ spark plugs change, etc. 

3. Major Car Service

The ‘Gold’ or ‘Master’ service is meant for all , no matter what car you use. It is recommended every 24 months or 24,000 miles. If your car has not undergone a full car service prior, your car now needs a major service. It is the most comprehensive service package available, it includes everything that is there in a Full Car service package. As an added bonus, parts that have to be replaced every two years are changed accordingly. Over time, if not changed, the brake fluids can cause a lot of trouble and even damage the system extensively. Similarly, the cabin filter will get clogged up with dust and debris- which will make the air quality in your car too hard to breathe in. 

At Carcility, the car service experts in Dubai, the services that are offered both detailed and affordable. A proper comprehensive service is given, no matter what package you get. A pick up and drop service is also given for all the cars that are being serviced at the centers. 

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