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Why Do Car Windows Fog Up?

Why do car windows fog up?
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Why Do Car Windows Fog Up?

It doesn’t matter where you live, climate is constantly a changing factor and no one can escape from the tiring phenomenon of fogged up windows.
Fogged up windows are a huge inconvenience. Driving along and trying to see through a fogged up window can be irritating and highly dangerous. It blocks out the clear vision of a driver which could lead to many risks and accidents. So what can you do to avoid this steamy confusion?

What causes fogged up Windows?

A lot of reasons like humidity (inside and outside the vehicle), temperature variation, chilly weather etc. could lead to fogging up of windows. Out of these, temperature variation is the leading cause of fogging up of windows. If the temperature of your window is below that of the temperature outside, moisture inside your cabin will condense and cause them to fog.
When cold air comes in contact with warm surfaces or vice versa, condensation takes place. It is a common occurrence that compromises the driver’s vision and paves the way to many dangers. So it is crucial to defog the windows and the windshield before starting the journey.
When the climate is cold and chilly outside it can get foggy inside the vehicle. Condensation takes place quickly in a tightly closed space , the presence of people inside the car adds to it making the process quicker, as every time they exhale it adds to the fog. Removal of this fog requires some effort.
In a warm and humid place traveling without turning on the AC would be extremely uncomfortable. Air present outside has more humidity. Air present inside the car contains less humidity. Due to this temperature variation fog develops on the windshield.
If the outside temperature and humidity is high then the moisture will condense on the exterior of the car glass.

What is the solution?

When the outside is humid you can try out a number of things like turning on the windshield wipers as they would wipe all the water droplets away, turning on low heat setting or turning off the air conditioning for a while but this makes the ride uncomfortable when the climate outside is too hot. The easiest way would be that you could try rolling down the windows for a while as this would let in all of the outside air, to balance out the temperature variation but this may not be effective all the time.
During winter, you need to adjust the temperature controls in such a manner that you are sucking all the outside air in, and try turning on the heater in the car to defrost.
Apart from all this, it is necessary to maintain the windows clean. A lot of things can come in contact with the windshield and dry up on the glass surface like dirt, grime, hard water spots and many other dust particles. These may not be visible when they are dry but when it comes in contact with water or moisture content, it forms a thin film over the glass which cannot be removed simply by turning on the wipers. It will only make it even more difficult to see through. It needs to be cleaned thoroughly with specific products that are specialized in delicately cleaning without damaging the surface of the glass which is provided as a part of car service and car maintenance. Cleaning the glass regularly can definitely help a lot in preventing the fogging up of glass.
Whether the climate is humid or chilly, it is crucial to have clear visibility while traveling. A lot of the accidents that take place can solely be attributed to the obstruction in visibility and fogging up of glasses. In order to stay on the safe side it is essential to always keep in check and take the required measures to prevent fogged glasses.
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