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5 must-have tools for an off-road trip with your 4WD

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Looking forward to rocking the 4WD life? Then, an off-road trip is the best answer for you. Imagine yourself going up the mountains or cruising through the deserts. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? Your first-time off-roading is going to be a memorable and adrenaline filled experience, but there are some things or rather tools that are necessary while going on an off-road trip, solo or group.

One of the best parts of off-roading with a 4WD is that you never quite know what to expect, which is why it’s also important to prepare for any setbacks or extraordinary circumstances. Even if you may not need a particular item, there might be another person who will benefit from it. By being prepared, you can make a huge difference in everyone’s experience.

1.First Aid Kit

An unspoken rule, if you are going off roading, never ever forget this. Although not a tool, you will never know when this will come in handy. It is always important to know that “Prevention is better than cure”. Hence, your first aid kit must have essentials and some additional equipment like maps, garbage bags, portable air pump, etc. You never know when it can be used as ambulances take longer to reach you.

2. Work Light

Better than a headlamp, a work light  will help you better .It has greater illumination and can be easily fixed. If there’s a repair that occurs to your vehicle at night, the work light will assist with light and you can finish your job quicker and be back on the road. The lamp will be of great advantage if you are planning to set up a camp as well. It can be charged from your vehicle or home outlet

3. Maxtrax

Maxtrax is a lightweight device that is used for vehicle recovery. To the people who are not familiar with it, this nylon recovery board might seem unnecessary. But, imagine a situation where you have to use a winch or a snatch strap. Here, losing its control can prove to be fatal. That is never going to happen with a Maxtrax though. These recovery boards also double up as shovels- you can use them to dig your tires out. And, they are perfectly compatible for all weathers.

4. Tire Deflator

I’m pretty sure that all of you know the functions of a tire deflator. While going off-roading, it is essential that you maintain the pressure of your tires. These deflators will ensure that your tire has the perfect traction, grip, and pressure to endure the rough terrains you are driving on.

5. Recovery Gear Kit


Another must-have tool, never step out of your home without the recovery gear kit while going off-roading. It is better if you can keep your kit together in one bag so that all the tools that you need are in one place. Keeping in mind the perils you may encounter; it is always better to be prepared. A basic recovery kit includes:

  • long strap
  • utility knife
  • Shackles
  • Snatch strap
  • 1 pair heavy duty work gloves.

Apart from all this, you can try to carry a fresh set of clothes, some extra water, and any medicines if necessary. Although these are not tools, they will always help you in case of some unexpected problems which might occur.

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