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5 signs that say your car needs clutch replacement

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The clutch is critical to the overall operation of the car. The clutch is used to change gears and to bring the car to stop even as the engine is running. In situations where the clutch fails, the car won’t move and you will be stranded. In Dubai, Carcility is a professional car service that is just a call away. We will ensure we reach you in a jiffy and have your problem resolved. But, if you are elsewhere, life won’t be as simple when you are stranded. Hence, it is best to get your car serviced regularly and also it is in your safety to decode clutch health to catch the early signs of a faulty clutch and to know when your clutch needs replacement before it is too late. 

Basics first, once the car’s engine is on it is in continuous spinning motion but the car wheels are in motion only when the brake is let off and the accelerator is put to work. In between the function of the brake and the accelerator comes the clutch which engages the gears to put the wheels in motion as per the driver’s choice and bring it to halt as well. Evidently, this means that the clutch s not something that will yield very easily under your foot; this will be your first sign:

1. Clutch is much more yielding and smoother than usual.

Every time you change gears, you hear a rattling sound followed by a burning smell, this is a clearly the second sign:

2. A slipping clutch if ignored can lead to heavy repair and maintenance cost.

If your car uses manual transmission then shifting gears is ideally smooth and hassle-free but lately if you feel it to be a bit of a hassle, then that’s your third sign especially when:

3. There’s trouble shifting between first gear to second gear or when reversing

As well acquainted you are with your car, you see that the biting point is gradually going higher and higher. This is your fourth sign:

4. The clutch biting point is gradually getting higher each time

You are seeing a steady drop in mileage and also the car pickup is steadily dropping. This is your fifth sign

5. As you drive at a given speed, you see a drop in pickup and the RPM increases too. 

We hope this gives you a good and fair idea of what signs to watch out for as far as the clutch performance of your car is concerned and decide when it is time to replace the clutch.

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