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Top 5 misconceptions about buying a new car

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So you are planning on buying a new car? If you have discussed this with near and dear ones, you surely would have received ample advice and opinions. Furthermore, if you went online to check for deals you would have ended up more confused? In this article, we try to demystify a few misconceptions related to purchasing a new car. Firstly, don’t let any amount of so-called advice take away the pleasure of driving home the dream of your life especially when it is going to be every penny worth your investment.  But yes, caution is very much necessary.

Maintaining a brand-new car to keep it looking new is a serious matter that claims more of your money, time, and energy. Always take the service of trusted car service providers for servicing and maintaining new cars. If in Dubai, Carcility Car Services is the trusted Car Service Provider closest to you. Because, no matter where you may be in Dubai, Carcility is just a click away.

If you’re mentally swaying between a brand-new car and a pre-owned car, then this is a good read for you. We understand your practical sense of thinking when comparing costs. But given the add-ons, freebies, and finance schemes that come with a new car, cost should not worry you all that much. Now, let’s consider some more of those myths:

   1. Online purchase is a smart move

Now that we are fairly out of the pandemic phase, let’s be more hands-on when purchasing a car. Isn’t it more fun to walk-in touch and feel the car you are about to buy, go for a test drive, and the works? That aside, online offers may seem very exciting at face value but when you consider the interest rate, compare the warranty, etc. you may end up feeling you were better off with a good trusted dealer in the market.

     2. Bank finance is safer than dealer finance

Remember, what your dealer is offering is after comparing what the banks are offering you. How else can he make it worthwhile and interesting for you as an offer? Dealerships have the flexibility to leave room for negotiations which banks will never entertain

     3. Rushing before a deal ends

Take your time to be convinced about your purchase and do more homework, deal or no deal. If you miss one there will be another one coming along soon. Maybe even better than the one you allowed to pass.

     4. Compare online prices with the sales person for better negotiations

Firstly, he’s a sales guy who has to know everything there is to know about the car he is selling to you, including the online prices and deals. Moreover, he meets many who try to pull one on him, so you don’t stand a chance. A salesman knows the hidden print of online sales and any day a sale through a dealer is better.

     5. Paying in full cash gets you a better deal

Negotiated price with the dealer holds no matter what mode of payment you choose. The fact that you are paying full cash will not matter or reduce the pricing further

Let’s conclude that buying a brand new car is a pride and joy you can’t forego as there is no substitute for driving home your dream. Remember to service your car and maintain it in its peak condition for a long time to come with Carcility Car Services, Dubai.