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Car Care in Dubai 101- Car Repair Tips and Tricks for Beginners

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Your car has a more family feel about it than just an inanimate object of value. Most of our first love would have been these shiny metal wonders on wheels. So taking care of your car, especially in the terrains of Dubai is paramount. You don’t have to be a mechanic to take good care of your car. Where do you start though? Being the best car service in Dubai, who better to answer than Carcility. Here are a few things you can do to make your car up and glide for a long time.

Check out the owner’s manual

Yes, we understand it is the most boring task and one that we often skip. The user manual is the first and most important guide that you should consult before following car maintenance advice. This section contains item-by-item information on your car. Your owner’s manual contains vital maintenance and functional information about your car. It includes important information such as how to best care for your individual vehicle, when to check or replace vehicle components, how frequently to repair your vehicle, what grade of lubricants to use, and much more.

The user manual is likely to include information such as security, child safety, keys and remote control, specs, gasoline and refueling, driving aid, automobile care, and much more. If you want to understand more about your automobile, treat the user manual like a holy relic. You’ll be amazed to find that many of the difficulties you encounter, such as changing a flat tire, unlocking a locked door, or installing a baby seat, may be handled simply by consulting the owner’s handbook.

Check your tire pressure

Car tyres are one of the parts that keep your vehicle moving. For a lengthy period of time, incorrect tyre pressure can lead to premature tyre wear and tear, as well as tyre bursts. It is critical that the tyres have the proper amount of air (or nitrogen). Nowadays, you can check your own tyre pressure using simple, low-cost instruments. Use them in addition to visual inspections for cracks or things trapped on the tire’s outside.

Once a month, use the same tyre gauge to check the air pressure in your tires. Try it out:

1. Press the little dot or bead on the rear of the tire pressure gauge into the middle of the tire’s valve stem. You should be able to hear the air leaking from the tire.

2. Check the tire pressure using the gauge.

3. Repeat until you’ve expelled enough air to achieve the desired pressure.

Tip: As you come closer to the proper pressure, release smaller and smaller volumes of air until you reach the desired psi(pounds per square inch). For better wheel alignment and car repairs in Dubai, book Carcility through our car servicing app.

Change Oil and Oil Filter

Your car’s blood is oil. Oil and adequate oil pressure are required for lubrication and performance changes performed while driving. To put it another way, it keeps everything moving smoothly. A car cannot operate smoothly without lubrication; it is present to guarantee that these parts function properly. Oil lubricates moving parts and absorbs the heat produced by friction. An oil filter, on the other hand, maintains the oil clean and free of pollution. You may extend the life of your car and save hundreds or thousands of dollars by adhering to the manufacturer’s suggested maintenance intervals.
Here’s how to change your car’s oil and oil filter:

1. Refer to your owner’s handbook to find your car’s oil drain plug and drain the old oil completely.

2. Then, as instructed in the owner’s handbook, replace the oil plug and remove the oil filter.

3. You must lubricate the new oil filter with fresh oil before installing it.

4. Now pour in some fresh oil. Make certain that you just use the recommended amount of oil for your vehicle.

5. Install the cap and start the engine. This will assist you in locating leaks.

6. If there are no leaks, turn off the engine and wait for a few minutes.

7. Now, using a dipstick, check the oil level.

8. If necessary, add extra oil.

If you are looking for the best oil change and oil refill facility in Dubai, call Carcility.

Carry out battery maintenance

Learn the fundamentals of a car battery by consulting the owner’s handbook and, if required, the internet. You should be aware of the location of your automobile battery. Following that, you must grasp how to securely detach the battery and, if necessary, clean the terminal connections. Remember to detach the battery’s negative terminal first. This essentially cuts off the electrical supply, reducing the possibility of an accident. An indicator(a coin-sized dial) on the top of the battery will tell you about its health status.

Maintain Fuel economy

Keeping your car’s fuel efficiency in check with a few easy procedures will help it last longer. It’s also easier on the wallet. You may do this in two ways: maintain an average speed and avoid putting too much strain on your car.

Now that you know the basics it’s time to give that extra care for your car. Download the Carcility app from the app store or play store to get the best car care in Dubai.