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5 Things That Will Not Make Your 4WD Last Long in Dubai

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Everybody loves a 4WD don’t they? And all of us have our favorite four-wheel drive as well. With big wheels and the attributes of a monster, there’s no one who would hesitate to get their hands behind the wheels of a 4×4. However, one thing that a vehicle lover will definitely know is that a four-wheel drive is not cheap to own and take care of. Just as it’s purchasing price, the care you have to give it costs a lot as well. Of course, the best 4×4 cars need to be treated like the monster it is, and it will do an exceptional job at it. But, if you want your 4WD to last longer and have the best 4×4 trips, there are few things that you may do that might end up risking the life of your precious vehicle. These are things that you can also consider before buying 4×4 cars.

1. Not servicing your 4×4

When going for a 4WD service, you have to be thorough with the time schedule it has to be serviced in. The service interval for proper 4×4 maintenance in Dubai or anywhere else is 10,000 to 15,000 km. The mechanic you take your 4WD to should be well-experienced. For car maintenance in Dubai, Carcility is a good option. We provide amazing 4×4 vehicle maintenance.

2. Not washing your 4WD

This is something very basic when you own a vehicle. If you see a four-wheel drive that’s not washed, you will understand that it’s not taken good care of. If you do not wash your 4×4 frequently, it can cause a lot of damage to the vehicle starting from the paint job to the metal body. Make a habit of washing your vehicle regularly, especially after mud work, driving on the beach or salt lakes. If you’re busy and don’t have time to wash the car, you can always enlist the help of Carcility Dubai. Their 4WD car wash is very efficient and makes your car look new.

3. Don’t let your tires down

When you own a 4×4 car in Dubai, changing a set of tires, or rather, buying new ones can be expensive. Ensure that you take good care of your tires so that they will last long and you do not have to replace them. Make sure your tyres have the right amount of pressure while you are on an off-road drive. The tyres will have to be deflated to certain pressure range to have a smooth desert drive. Do not forget to inflate the tyres to the recommended pressure before you hit the main road. Also be extra careful while riding on bumpy roads. If you end up putting high pressure on your 4WD, that will affect not just your wheel life but also the rest of the vehicle as well.

4. Not having good modifications

Attaching low-quality, cheap modifications to your 4WD can force it to wear out faster. You might want to modify and make your four-wheel drive pretty, but always keep in mind that cheap modifications will affect your vehicle. Many people change the air filtration system in a 4WD. But, always do it only through an expert so that your vehicle is protected . If you are worried about 4×4 detailing and car maintenance in Dubai, Carcility will help you. With high-quality modifications at low prices, you will be able to get the modifications you want.

5. Not knowing the limits of your 4WD

Sure, there are a lot of four-wheel drives in the market now. All of them have different capabilities and purposes. Some are built for the rocky roads while others are built for the desert. Know the limit of the 4×4 that you own. Pushing the car beyond its limits can make the vehicle weak and ‘retire’ sooner than was expected.

These are just a few things that have to be kept in your mind so that your 4WD lives longer. Carcility, one of the best car service experts in Dubai is here to cater to all your needs. Be it servicing, detailing, or even 4X4 car maintenance tips, Carcility is ready for all your needs.

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