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5 Things to know when buying an Electric Vehicle in Dubai

5 Things to know when buying an Electric Vehicle
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There’s no way that car-buffs in Dubai do not know about the electric vehicles that are up and running. Of course, all the environment lovers out here will surely know why it is best to transition from a normal car to a hybrid. The future is going to be electric vehicles, whether you favor it or not. According to expectations, 30% of vehicles sold globally will be electric. By 2050, the amount of EVs that are sold will be higher than the number of normal vehicles that are sold. Let’s look at the top five things that have to be kept in mind before buying an electric vehicle.

How do I charge my vehicle?

Though the number of stations is growing, a new EV owner will always be confused on the where and how to charge their vehicle. Its battery technology is what will help you charge it up. For charging it, you simply have to plug the vehicle into a standard 110-volt wall outlet for what’s called Level 1 charging. Although you don’t need to plug the EV indoors, if you are planning on plugging it outdoors, you will likely need to buy a specific charging unit.

Will my EV engine run longer?

Unfortunately, EV engines cannot last thousands of road hours longer than cars. When it comes to the matter, the main issue that keeps people from buying an EV is the distance that the cars can drive before running out of battery is lesser than fuel-powered vehicles. After a point of time, EVs need to be charged. The electric vehicle that can go farthest right now is the Tesla S, which can travel up to 335 miles.

How do I maintain my EV?

Although an EV requires less maintenance, the repair or the maintenance that can occur to the vehicle can be expensive. One other thing is that not all mechanics know how to repair electric vehicles. There are specialists in the market who exclusively focus on EVs. As the EVs are not so popular on the roads of Dubai, so are their service centers.

Is owning an EV practical?

Of course, it is definitely practical. It will be a different experience, that’s for sure. But, before owning an EV, there are several things that have to be taken into consideration. In its present form, it is the perfect fit for the “young urbanite” who works in Dubai. But of course the electric vehicles still have many issues that need to be sorted including driving in extreme weather and combating traffic as well.

How costly is it to insure my EV?

As expected, insuring an EV tends to be costlier than the regular car. Just because the insurance is costlier, it doesn’t mean that an electric vehicle is less safe or accident prone than the other types, it just means that a conventional EV is costlier and more valued than its alternatives.

Apart from conserving energy and caring for the environment, an electric vehicle has several other benefits as well. You can call them the cars of the future as they can be easily charged, less annual maintenance and the various other features associated to it. Get maintained your electric car from Carcility Dubai.

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