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5 Popular Electric Cars in UAE

Tesla Model 3 electric car
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Electric cars are the latest in the series of trends that have taken over the commercial automobile industry in the recent past and Dubai stands at the forefront of this change. Having already adopted some of the most progressive ideas when it comes to cars, Dubai is already setting an example for all other states to follow. There are only a handful of cities worldwide that are even comparable to Dubai, and this is mainly because of the open-ended approach of its citizens who are able to better adapt themselves to changing times. Studies have shown that the future of the automobile industry lies in sustainable approaches such as a major shift from the use of fossil fuels to more eco-friendly options such as electricity.

There are several advantages of owning an electric car in Dubai, many of which we have already highlighted in an earlier article of ours, so we are not going to delve into the depths of it but if you do need a quick recap, you can check that out too.

This article here will more so focus the best and popular electric cars in UAE and the options that are available to residents of Dubai as of late 2019 and their various pros and cons. It shall try to compare the vehicles based on their feasibility, viability and sustainability specifically in Dubai and try to establish the best choices for each target market. Please keep in mind that one car model alone cannot fulfill all the requirements of the user and hence it is best to first assess the use for your car before finalizing your decision.

Now let’s check out the 5 most popular electric cars in UAE, especially in Dubai:

  1. BMW i3

    BMW i3 electric car

    (Source:, 2019)

    One of the first electric cars to be released by BMW to the general public way back in 2013, the i3 is a  B-class, 3 Series, high-roof hatchback manufactured and marketed by German automobile giants BMW. It was the first mass production car in the world with most of its internal structure and body made of CFRP (Carbon-Fiber Reinforced Plastic) leading to reduced weight and more power to the wheels.  The i3 features an electric powertrain using rear wheel drive via a single-speed transmission and an underfloor Li-ion battery pack with an additional (and optional) combustion engine intended to extend the range of the car in case of long road trips. The premium build and the brand value does, however, add to the overall cost of the car, but as any other BMW enthusiast will tell you, nothing can replace quality and power when it comes to the streets of Dubai. The BMW i3 can be yours sometime later this year at the exchange of AED 155,608.

  2. Tesla Model 3

    Tesla Model 3 electric car

    Tesla is one of the leading innovators when it comes to electric cars, having taken it upon themselves to revolutionize the way people drive cars (or cars drive themselves) in the near future. Needless to say, they are also one of the forerunners in the electric cars market having taken the world by storm with their competitive models such as the Tesla Model 3 and the Tesla Model S. Tesla keeps updating their models in order to better meet the requirements of their target market, so it is always a good idea to keep up with their latest advancements in order to figure out the best model for your needs. We highly recommend the Tesla Model 3, which is the cheapest of the lot but if you do have the budget for it, go for the Tesla Model S or Model X. The Model 3 can be yours for around AED 160,000 start price and the Model S and X will set you back something around AED 360,000 and AED 349,125 respectively but most definitely worth it as it comes bundled with all of Tesla’s services and their cutting edge technology. 

  3. Hyundai Kona Electric

    Hyundai kona electric car
    (Source:, 2019)
    Revealed for the first time in the year 2017, the Kona is a five-door crossover SUV designed by the South Korean car manufacturer, Hyundai. The Kona Electric or the Kona EV, launched in South Korea in early 2018 and later worldwide, is the world’s first fully-electric subcompact crossover SUV and also the winner of the prestigious ‘North American Utility Vehicle of the Year’ award in 2019. With a range of 449 km, the Kona is one of the most efficient all-electric SUVs on the planet today.  There are four variations available in the market at present with prices ranging from AED70,000 for the base SE model to AED95,000 for the ultimate premium model.

  4. Nissan Leaf

    Nissan leaf electric car
    (Source:, 2019)

    The Leaf was Nissan’s own answer to the global environmental threats way back in 2010 but after having won the 2010 Green Car Vision Award, the 2011 World Car of the Year Award, the 2011 European Car of the Year Award and the 2011–2012 Car of the Year Japan award, it has become everyone’s answer to the same. Widely acclaimed as the best selling electric car of all time, the Nissan Leaf can travel about 241 km in a single charge making it extremely competitive in its immediate market. Powered by a synchronous electric motor with 110 kW (147 hp) driving the front wheels and energy supplied by a 40 kWh Li-ion battery pack, the Nissan can reach a top speed of 150 km/h with the car making 0-100 kmph in about 7.9 seconds. Even though the price of the 2019 model has not been announced to the public, you can expect the car to hit the markets soon with at least a base price of AED 110,190.

  5. Renault ZOE ZE50

    Renault electric car
    (Source:, 2019)

    Renault, the giants from France, has been quietly pushing the ranks of the electric car market having made constant improvements to their models over the years. The car brand is now reaching for the stars with the introduction of the latest Renault ZOE, one of the best electric cars in UAE market today. Priced at a convenient AED 95,000 (the 2018 model), the Renault ZOE is able to compete with and beat some of the most competitive cars in the market in terms of both price and performance. However, if performance is what you strive, the latest model (expected to be priced around AED 135,000) in the series which is eagerly awaiting a release date, the 2019 ZE50, is powered by a 100kW R135 electric motor with a fast charging option of 50kW DC capability that is able to travel a whopping 389 km in a single charge.Electric cars in uae price and performance data charts

    The Verdict:

    Each of these cars have their own specific target market, fulfilling individual desires of each user. Therefore, proper care must be taken before deciding on a model. If luxury and comfort are your requirements, then you should definitely go with the BMW or the TESLA. However,  if efficiency and everyday use is your purpose, then you should consider either Hyundai, Nissan or Renault. At the end of the day, no matter what model you choose, you are definitely contributing to a greener tomorrow and we, Carcility, promise to stay by your side and take care of all your car servicing and auto maintenance needs. Click here to visit our portal now!

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