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Advantages Of Owning An Electric Car In Dubai

electric cars in duabi uae
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Electric cars as we all know is easy to maintain when compared to petrol/diesel cars, and also better for the environment. Some of you might not be aware that Dubai has passed a law to provide free public parking for all-electric vehicles. And that’s not all, Dubai has also set-up public charging stations which people can access and charge their electric vehicles for free until the end of 2019. There are about a 100 charging stations located throughout Dubai now and this number is expected to double by the end of next year. If these pros haven’t yet convinced you to make a switch, we have a list of reasons that might help you change your mind.

Benefits of owning an Electric Car in Dubai

  1. The Range

  2. Duration of Charge

  3. Noise-free & Carbon free

  4. Money Matters

  5. Cheaper to maintain

  6. Safe Drive

  7. Fast chargers

Let’s consider each of these factors in detail, and find out the advantages of owning an electric car in Dubai.

1. The Range

Electric Car In DubaiThe range is referred to as kilometers per charge. The range of new electric cars is significantly higher than its predecessors but comparatively lesser than fuel-efficient vehicles. If you’re looking at a vehicle that can maneuver its way through traffic and also be cost-effective, then an electric car is your best bet. Moreover, with over a 100 charging stations, you can easily find one on your route. On an average, an electric vehicle gives a range of anywhere between 200-300 miles, depending on the condition of the vehicle and battery. The only drawback of owning an electric vehicle is that the batteries tend to deplete faster in a hotter environment and we all know how hot Dubai can get.

1.Duration of Charge

duration of charge for electric cars in dubai
Electric Car in Dubai

Getting an electric car back to its full charge isn’t as quick as refueling your vehicles that run on fuel. Electric vehicles take about 30 to 45 minutes to get it charged up to 80% at least, depending on the make. It is best advised to charge it overnight at your homes. And unlike phones, you do not need to charge it to 100%, you can choose to charge it based on your usage. Many publicly available charging stations provide you with the facility to control charging from your smartphone as well.

3. Noise-free & Carbon free

electric cars - noise and carbon free
Electric Car in Dubai

Another added advantage of owning an electric vehicle is that it will pass by you and you wouldn’t even know. These cars are silent and they run as smooth as butter on the streets. Since electric vehicles do not run on fuel, there is no amount of carbon footprint that is released into the environment. This eventually helps in reducing the noise as well as air pollution. Which is why the Dubai government has a target of having 42,000 EVs on the roads of Dubai by 2030.

4.  Money Matters

reduce cost with electric cars
Electric Car in Dubai

There’s no question when it comes to cost-effectiveness of owning an electric vehicle. As we are all aware, electricity is relatively cheap in Dubai, and with charging stations everywhere, you can save a whole lot of money when compared to petrol/diesel cars. The best thing about owning an electric vehicle, besides the noise-free driving, is that it costs way less to charge it than it does to refuel a conventional car. Usually, refueling costs three to four times more than charging an EV. In addition, electric vehicle owners get discounts on registration and renewal.

5.  Cheaper to maintain

electric cars maintenance free
Electric Car in Dubai

An electric vehicle (BEV) has a lot less moving parts than a conventional petrol/diesel car. There is relatively little servicing and no expensive exhaust systems, starter motors, fuel injection systems, radiators and many other parts that aren’t needed in an EV. The main moving parts of an electric vehicle is the battery, which manufacturers claim a life-span of approximately 8 years, which makes it cheaper to maintain.

6.  Safe Drive

electric cars safety
Electric Car in Dubai

The new age electric vehicles are said to have a lower center of gravity, which makes them harder to roll over. They can also have a lower risk for major fires or explosions and the body construction and durability of electric vehicles may make them safer in a collision, ensuring a safer drive.

7.  Fast chargers

fast charging electric cars
Electric Car in Dubai

If you do have a place to charge your car at home, consider installing a fast charger. If you use a regular home socket, the charge rate depends on the power supply i.e. the grid connection you are plugged into. Fast chargers are industrial chargers that can charge most new electric vehicles to 80 percent in 30-45 minutes.

Over the long run, an electric car will not only be cheaper to maintain but also help in reducing pollution. There are different makes and models available in Dubai, all you have to do is go down to a showroom and choose the best suited for you and the environment. And if you face any issue with your electric vehicle, simply download the Carcility app and choose from various experts depending on location, rating, and feasibility. Book your car service now!

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