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3 Major Steps to Get Your Car Serviced in Dubai

Get your car serviced in Dubai
Car service

Car servicing is extremely important for the overall condition of your car in Dubai. This is mainly due to the prevalent climate in the country which is a real nightmare for both car manufacturers and car owners. Several car manufacturers pay close attention to detail when they design their cars for the global market – however, the catch lies in this very sentence itself. The word ‘global’ plays a critical role in the overall mindset of these car manufacturers. They have repeatedly stated that the performance of their cars completely depends on the surrounding climate that the car operates in. They have also stated that these stats tend to be severely affected in ‘extreme temperatures’. And Dubai’s climate is the perfect definition of the same. Most car manufacturers test their cars in temperatures ranging from 8°C to 40°C. However, the climate here in Dubai regularly exceeds that during the summers.

Hence, our vehicles are subjected to extreme heat almost all year long.

Following are some of the effects of climate on cars condition:

  1. Engine

    Checking car engine conditionDriving around in your vehicle in such extreme conditions will definitely affect fuel consumption along with the overall output of your car in terms of power. It will consume more fuel and also carry a risk of car breaking down during a long trip. 

  2. Electrical Sytems

    Electrical system inside carThe electrical systems present inside your car heat up quite fast when traveling or parking in the sun. However, when you switch on the AC at full blast to combat the same heat, they are again exposed to extreme temperatures thus making them weak, and ultimately fail. Similarly, the AC of your car is also subjected to extreme conditions as it struggles to bring down the temperature inside of your car within a short period of time. This affects the Air Conditioning system adversely and can cause it to fail.

  3. Body

    Car body expose to sunlightIt’s not only the engines of your car that are affected by the climate but also the interiors of your car, which suffer considerably due to long exposure to heat. The entire body of your car heats up when left out in the sun which inadvertently affects the paint job since it has to continuously withstand the UV radiation from the sun. If the coat of paint is compromised, the heat can get to the body of your car thus damaging it and affecting its structural integrity. 

  4. Tyres

    Car tyres fixEver walked barefoot on a road on a hot sunny day? That’s exactly what your car’s tyres are going through every time you take it out for a spin around the block. The tyres are constantly in touch with the blistering hot tarmac down below that puts unimaginable stress on it. 

  5. Windshield and Lights

    Car windshield
    We know that when you leave your car out for long you may find it covered in sand. However, we don’t tend to think much about it until one of the lines inside the car gets jammed or the windshield is seriously affected. This is because although glass is made from sand, the two don’t really go hand in hand. Constant interaction with sand will ultimately scratch the glass, thus making it foggy and translucent. The same happens with your headlights and they start dimming, affecting your ride at night. It should be clear by now that. If our cars were sentient living organisms, we’d be weeping right now because of the conditions that they are subjected to. However, we also know how car-crazy Dubai is and not a single day goes by without some developments in the sector. Periodic and proper car maintenance is crucial to its performance and longevity, especially in climates like this. Who do you really trust when it comes to proper care about your car? It’s not the 70s anymore where we can just pop open the hood of our car, fumble around with the engine, pour some water if required and we are good to go! Cars nowadays are sophisticated pieces of machinery that depend on the proper functioning of each of its components in order to run smoothly. This requires the work of a professional who knows what they are doing. However, it becomes extremely tough to trust your beloved car in the hands of just anyone.  So how do you go about getting your car serviced in Dubai? Turns out there are 3 simple golden steps which when followed should guarantee the safety of your car as well as its condition. Make sure you follow these correctly and you should be good to go:

    Trusted Reviews:

    This is the age of information and any info regarding any of your queries is just a simple click away. The internet is a vast source of information and one who is adept with the same can definitely figure out the best services for their needs. Nowadays, most companies have mobile and web apps which also highlight their reviews at their respective digital stores. One of the first things one should do is go through all the reviews posted by clients in order to understand the company’s nature of business. We at Carcility highly appreciate our customers who genuinely review our services and we pride ourselves on the positive feedback we get. Just check out what our users have to say about the services we provided to them:

    “Carcility is a great platform for all car services. I was very happy with the services provided. Very prompt responses and great customer service”

                                                                       – Christina John

    “Carcility has turned out to be my one-stop solution for all car service-related problems. I am able to select my required service and choose from a range of quotations as per my choice”

      – Inayat Ansari


    “Carcility has helped me quickly to find the most appropriate workshop for my car’s major service at the best rates which are almost 70% cheaper than the dealers. Carcility has even negotiated on behalf of me to get a fair discount on the total work done from the workshop. Furthermore, Mr. Anirudh from carcility has taken a keen interest in getting the job done in the most professional manner which reduced my hassle of getting the car serviced. Thank you Carcility for your great work and for helping me to save money. Highly recommended”

                                                                      – Ginto George

    We understand the need for a customer-oriented approach – after all, no one understands your car better than you. Therefore, we try to listen to our users and understand the exact issues that they are facing in order to take the proper approach towards the problem.

    Open Conversation:

    As stated in the above section, having an open conversation with your car service provider is extremely crucial to the overall checkup and car maintenance. Once you have found an apt service center (read: Carcility), it is very important that you have a proper conversation with the service provider in order to convey the exact problems that you are facing in your car. Each makes is modeled differently and therefore the mechanic needs to know the exact issues. Otherwise, it will just be a generalized approach to the problem. Make sure you take the time out to make them understand exactly what you want to be fixed in your car.

    Post-Checkup Stress Disorder:

    Do not simply go, pick up your car and leave the garage immediately. Do not be that guy who comes back later with a problem that has not been fixed. Even though most service providers will reluctantly checkup your car again after you come back, chances are they will not be that thorough! So make sure you have a list of the problems in your car handy and check them out one after the other once you pick up your car. Once the immediate problems are eradicated, take your car out for a spin around the block and check if all things are according to your desires. Only then should you leave the car service center.

    So now that you know these three golden rules, what are you waiting for? Click here to instantly get connected to one of our mechanics and get a quote for your car today!

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