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5 Major Tips to Avoid Car Breakdown

Car Breakdown
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Poor car maintenance not only leads to a car breakdown but also breaks the bank!

Imagine enjoying your drive, the endless road, the fun company you’re travelling with and out of nowhere, your car comes to a dead-halt or worse, your engine seizes, there’s a tyre blow-out and you lose control of the car. Now, there you are stranded, trying to figure out what’s wrong with your car, contacting roadside assistance services and estimating the damage done to your car and your pocket.

A car breakdown is a situation that nobody wants to be in and can be avoided completely by a few quick and periodic checks.

5 Major Tips to Avoid Car Breakdown

Follow these basic car maintenance practices and continue to enjoy your drive, save money and time.

  1. Regular Car Service and Checks

  2. Keep Your Car Hydrated

  3. Keep  Racing for the tracks

  4. Avoid Overloading

  5. Ignorance is not bliss

    Let’s go through each of these car care tips to avoid car breakdown

  • Regular Car Service and Checks

The best way to avoid car breakdowns is to give your car for periodic service and checks. Follow the car service and maintenance schedule prescribed by the manufacturer to avoid putting your car at the risk of a breakdown. This helps keep your car in the best possible condition, with the experts looking into the mechanical and electrical systems of your car. Here are 7 most Common Electrical Problems in Car.

Regular Car Service and Checks


  • Keep Your Car Hydrated

Just like human beings, cars require optimum fluid intake to run smoothly. Most of the mechanical systems of a car need periodic fluid top-ups to prevent heat, friction and enable the movable parts to function seamlessly. Maintaining the right level of your car engine oil, brake fluid, coolant with regular top-ups and keeping the other mechanical parts well-lubricated helps smooth functioning of your car and prevent car breakdowns.

car break down tips


  • Keep  Racing for the tracks

Let’s stick to the car and pedestrian-safe driving while on city roads. This not only ensures the safety of other people using the road but also your car. One of the key reasons for car breakdowns is reckless driving, which causes unnecessary wear and tear on the car parts, making it bound to fail at any moment. Car tyres burning out, the brakes wearing off, engine over-heating, physical damage on the car and more can be avoided with proper driving in place.

car break down


  • Avoid Overloading

Overloading the car with unnecessary weight damages the durability of the vehicle. It has severe effects on the suspension, tyres and the chassis. Overloading your car makes it unstable, affects acceleration, affects the braking system, and also lead to breakdowns or accidents. Plan your commute correctly to ensure that your car and the people in the vehicle survive the drive in the same condition as when the journey started.

Avoid car breakdown - Avoid Car overloading


  • Ignorance is not bliss

Listening to your car is the best way to keep your car running in the best condition. With numerous warning signs that cars nowadays come with, the warning lights on a car become an easy way to monitor your car’s health. Warnings on your engine, tyre pressure, fuel, battery, oil levels, engine temperature and more, help car owners to understand a car better and help in maintaining the car. Do not ignore these indications and take prompt action to maintain your car in the best possible condition.

Avoid car break down

Prevention is always better than cure and it definitely holds good when it comes to maintaining your car. It’s also a good practice to note down the contact of roadside assistance services If at all you find yourself in this unfortunate situation.

If you’re still having problems with your car, you can always reach out to the best car service providers in Dubai on Carcility. With Carcility by your side, having car troubles are a thing of the past. Book reliable car services in Dubai, and drive away from your car troubles.

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