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7 Most Common Electrical Problems in Car

Electrical Problems in Car
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A Ferrari, a Bugatti, a Hyundai and a Honda all have one thing in common – they’re at risk of electrical problems at any time. No matter the make, class, age or working condition of the car, electrical problems could arise. There are a few warning signs that help figure out what the problem is with the car. Knowing these signs could help keep your car away from permanent damage.

Common Electrical Problems in Car


While electrical problems are a little tricky, knowing the signs could help you explain better to an expert. Always get an expert to deal with electrical issues. Handling it on your own with a DIY list isn’t advisable. Pay close attention to the following list of common electrical problems.

Diagnosing Car Electrical Problems

Look for signs that indicate problems in your car that would need electrical fixes. The solution to an electrical fault fix is by locating the problem area first.

While the engine is off and your car won’t turn on any of its electrical parts, your car battery could be running low on charge. The reason for your car electrical problems could be the above reason or the alternator going out. With the different make of all cars, you must have a professional check for your vehicle and diagnose the reason for its electrical problems.

Here are the 7 Most Common Car Electrical Problems

  1. Engine Starter Troubles

  2. Car Battery problems

  3. Malfunctioning alternator

  4. Short circuit

  5. Loose spark plugs

  6. Loose wires & faulty fuse boxes

  7. Cranking the engine

1.  Engine Starter troubles:

There are multiple reasons why your car won’t start, and a damaged or faulty starter is one of them. Like the name suggests, this part of the car is what starts the whole process of running the vehicle. Even with a fully charged battery and a great alternator belt, you’re not going anywhere if your starter isn’t working. Get an expert to replace or repair it if you want your car up and running again.

What to watch out for: The little ‘click’ sound the starter makes. If you don’t hear the sound, you should probably get the starter checked.

Ignition Problem

2.  Car Battery problems:

So you’ve checked the starter, and it does make the ‘click’ sound. But your car still won’t start. This either means your starter wiring is loose, or that your battery is dead. Battery troubles generally happen because of damage, poor battery life, or leakage from the battery. Whenever working with the battery, avoid letting battery fluids come in direct contact with your skin.

What to watch out for: Dim lights, lights that won’t switch on, or an engine that won’t switch on. These are strong signs that your battery needs immediate care.

Car Battery Problem

3.  Malfunctioning alternator:

You’ve figured out that the battery is fine, so you realize you’ve got to check on the alternator. You’d know for sure if it is the alternator that’s malfunctioning. If it’s damaged, the power decreases and the car starts to slow. Since the charge is not distributed, the car electrical system starts to flicker. A malfunctioning alternator must be replaced immediately.

What to watch out for: Decreased power and rapid loss of speed in the car. This needs instant expert care or your car is definitely not going anywhere!

serpentine belt

4.  Short circuit:

Nobody likes taking on more than they can handle, so why would your circuit? Giving a circuit more power than it can handle causes a short circuit. This is actually quite a serious car electrical problem since it can cause your car to burn and even explode!

What to watch out for: The smell of burning plastic while driving. Watch out for this smell as it could be indicative of the wire that shorted in the circuit.

5.  Loose spark plugs:

Just like loose screws in wooden furniture, loose spark plugs cause plenty of damage. They’re responsible for powering up the piston, and there’s bound to be some unusual activity if your spark plugs are loose.

If you notice the car rapidly losing power, and eventually, coming to a standstill, it’s probably because of manufacturing defects or damaged spark plugs.

What to watch out for: Unusual car performance and activity, and a rapid loss of power. This issue definitely needs to be looked at by an expert. While you could replace it yourself, expert care is always better. Here’s how to choose the Best Car Service Center in Dubai?

spark plug

6.  Loose wires & faulty fuse boxes:

When your car’s fuse blows frequently, you know it’s time to replace the fuse box. Loose wires around the fuse box can make the fuse blow. What’s more, faulty and loose wires could also cause your car to rapidly lose power.

What to watch out for: Frequent fuse blows. Having an expert take a look at the issue would fix the issue quickly.

car fuse box

7.  Cranking the engine:

Sometimes, your car could have a defective part in the electrical system, which could end up draining out your battery. This prevents the starter from actually cranking the engine. The little ‘check engine’ light on your display will probably be on, and your car won’t start. Often, the older your car is, the higher is the risk of having issues with the rotating parts of the engine. If there are issues with the fuel injecting delivery, this could also be a hard start. Regular servicing and checks can prevent these issues. Fuel injection and throttle body cleaning will help jumpstart the engine a lot quicker.

What to watch out for: Starting trouble where the car simply won’t start. Get an expert to check this issue. Get regular servicing done to avoid this issue completely. Find best car service experts in Dubai Now!

rusted car engine

Electrical problems in cars are not to be ignored. It is important to resolve the problem as soon as it is diagnosed. If your vehicle is behaving strangely, it needs the help and care of an expert to get it back to life. Connect with car service centers and expert mechanics for your cars only on Carcility Dubai.

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