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7 Common Reason Why Your Car Battery Keeps Draining

Reasons car battery keeps draining
Car maintenance

From a few of the worst nightmares, the one instance that everyone dreads is a dead battery and an important errand on the same road. Your car battery is the ignition device of the vehicle, and several signs like a weakening alarm system or flickering lights could indicate a problem with the battery’s power. There could be several reasons that can be attributed for a car battery drain, and with the range of reasons there is always a chance that things could go wrong again! It is hence essential that you ensure your car battery’s proper care and timely maintenance.

What Causes a Car Battery to Die Quickly?

The most common reasons for a battery to die quickly include continuous electrical drainage, loose connections, failed alternator, excessive power use (than the alternator can provide), or old and poorly maintained batteries.

7 Common Reasons for a Car Battery Drainage

The following seven reasons will help you understand why your car battery has drained quickly:

  1. Electrical Problems

    A faulty charging system could be a reason for your car battery drainage. Unsecured cables, dirt or corroded connections, worn-out tensioners or loose belt connections will cause the alternator to fail, preventing it from recharging the battery.

  2. Keeping the Lights On

  3. Having the headlights switched on for long has known to be a common reason for the car battery’s power drainage. A few of the newer car models come with the feature of automatically switching off the headlights if kept idle for long. Make a point to switch off your headlights when you’re keeping your car idle to prevent a dead car battery.

  4. Parasitic Drain

  5. As the name denotes, it is the continuous power drainage, caused due to parasites that use the power from the host, i.e. the engine, even when it’s off, resulting in a dead car battery.The car systems are designed in such a way that you don’t have to set the time, date or your favourite radio stations every time you get in the car. Commonly the battery will drain when you have the electronic devices running for long. Still, the problem arises with a default electrical connection and when the battery is unable to recharge itself. Keeping the trunk lights or radio running continuously with a faulty alternator will cause the battery to die.

  6. Failing Alternator

  7. While your battery will power your car to start, the alternator functions to power the starter, ignition and other electrical components like the air conditioning, door and window locks, car alarm, radio, lights, etc. A failing alternator will not be able to power the battery to run the electrical components. A dead car battery could be the result of the alternator’s faulty diode which is unable to convert the AC to DC.

  8. Poor State of Battery

  9. If the reason behind your battery drainage is not a human error, then there are high chances that your battery is the problem. The average lifespan of a car battery is about 4 to 5 years. You must follow your owner’s manual for regular servicing and maintenance as, with time, a poorly maintained or weak battery will lose its power to hold a full charge and hence need a replacement for the vehicle’s uninterrupted normal functioning.

  10. Driving Short Distances

  11. If you keep driving short distances very often, then you might be risking a dead car battery soon. This is because while your battery powers your vehicle ignition, with short trips over and over again, it will not have the time to recharge itself using the alternators. Thus, resulting in its gradual car battery power drain.

  12. Exposure to Extreme Temperatures

  13. Extreme temperatures have known to cause battery drainage. Leaving your car in extremely hot (over 100 degrees Fahrenheit) or extreme cold (under 10 degrees Fahrenheit) temperatures might harm its long-term battery life. This is because the extreme temperature will cause lead sulfate crystals to build up, and these crystals will increase the battery recharge time and shorten its overall lifetime.

How Do You Stop Your Car Battery from Draining?

If you’re aware of specific problems that might be causing your car’s battery to drain, follow the points mentioned below to keep a check for the draining battery power:

  • Ensure that all your car’s interior lights are switched off. Keeping any electrical component like the radio or lights on, while not in use or excessive use beyond the battery’s capacity will drain its power.
  • Keep note to check your car battery’s cable connections, and maintain the cleanliness around the battery to ensure that no dirt gets accumulated around those connections – for these conditions might cause the battery to drain more power.
  • Adhere to your regular maintenance and service schedule. Keeping up with your manufacturer’s recommendations on routine maintenance will secure the car part’s proper functioning and long life.
  • Use a portable battery charger or voltmeter for regular testing and charging during its low performances.

Finding out the actual cause behind your car’s battery power drain might be a tricky situation. It is always advised to seek professional help in such cases to ensure the right diagnosis of the condition and its proper solution. If you’re a resident of the UAE and are looking for the best professional car service providers in the region to get your dead car battery checked, then visit Carcility.

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