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How to Make an Old Car Shine Like New With Car Polish

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The car we purchase is one of our life’s most important investments, and this brings along lifelong care for a forever smooth ride. A car’s overall impression applies to its appearance, both from the exterior and its interiors. There is no end to the cycle of worrying for care when the agenda is keeping your car’s shine and appearance intact.  Not only for the impression but circling about the proper car care will increase the lifespan of the vehicle as well. The purpose behind keeping the car shiny could be indefinite, ranging from a resale plan to just pure love for the vehicle. When you drop your car off at the service station for polish, the process involves the use of specific items and a step-wise method that ensures your old car gets a new shine.

Items Used for Car Polish

The car paint restoration process begins the minute with the final decision to get a professional car polish done. Following which the professional takes care of the car polishing process to render the new shine back to your old car. The items used in the car polish process include:

  • Car Wash Solution/Soap
  • Car Wax & Sealant
  • Water Hose Pipe
  • Leather & Chamois Cloth
  • Tire Foam
  • Upholstery Cleaner
  • Glass Cleaner
  • Sponges for Cleaning
  • Brushes to clean the exterior and interior

Steps involved in Car Polish

With an old car, the polishing gets meticulous in bringing back the lustre and shine. Following are the steps included in the car polish process:

  1. Surface Contaminants Removal

  2. The foremost step when the car polishing begins is the car wash. This does not limit to a pipe hose spraying water on its exterior surface. With car detailing, the state of both, your car’s exteriors and interiors are taken care of. It starts with picking the dirt.

    Your car interiors are cleared of all the dust. A brush is used to reach each of the nooks and crannies and then the vacuuming of the carpets, dashboard, seats and every other touch-areas like floorboards, door handles and rear trunk space, etc is initiated. The plastic and vinyl surfaces are wiped off their dusts and the protecting product is applied. Professionally approved cleaning liquid and sealant are used for all the various materials your car interior has like, plastic, vinyl, leather fabric for the upholstery, cloth, etc. Finally, the glass is wiped inside out and the cleansing solution for the final wash is applied.

    In exterior cleaning, all kinds of casual stains or scraps like bird droppings, bugs, oil marks, fingerprints, etc. that your car’s surface receives while on the road and/or on standby are cleared and cleaned professionally.

  3. Car Wash

  4. The car wash starts with the hose pipe and connects to the water spray. The aim is to get rid of all the stains and dirt present on surfaces. It’s important to note that the cleaning is not limited to the prominent surfaces like the hood and the car body. For complete car detailing it is important to cover the wheels, tires and every bend and corner of the vehicle.

  5. Washing & Car Cleaning

  6. The next step is adding a cleansing or washing solution; any recommended car wash shampoo or detergent solution that will fit the requirement. The task is to create the proper lather for immaculate cleaning to get rid of all the dirty spots and for the surface-contaminant free overall exterior. Following this step, the tires are thoroughly cleaned using professional tools and items like the tire foam. During car cleaning, the entire car is not cleaned in on-ego but small sections are targeted to prevent air drying and surface contamination with the solution soaked on the surface.

  7. Car Polish

  8. After the car is dried completely, they head towards the repair part where the need is to look for any surface scratches, surface swirl marks, or minor scuffs. After having located the areas, the polishing act begins with the recommended solution gel or wax to fill the spaces in the marks.

    Does Car Polish Remove Scratches?

    The very aim of car polishing is to remove the small scratches and swirl marks present on the car surface. Car wax brackets to provide the final glow to the polishing step.

    Does Car Polish Damage Paint?

    Car polish does not damage the paint. But, the presence of abrasive chemicals in the wax and their use more often than recommended might damage the paintwork.

  9. Sealant Application

  10. After gliding over the polishing process with the towel or using a specific tool, the next is the sealing step. With a professional application of the sealing elements or synthetic sealants on the surfaces, the aim is towards your car’s protection. This gives a crisp look to the surface polishing done and also helps the polish to stay on for a longer time.

  11. Car Wax

  12. Once the paint sealing is done, the next step is with the application of car wax for the final glow.

How Often Should I Polish My Car?

Consider your car fully polished when you see the zero contamination, glazed and surface shine with the professional’s approach to your car’s polishing with the steps mentioned above.

The need for car polishing arises when the owner notices problem areas in the vehicle’s appearance. Have a thorough car detailing done at least twice a year to keep the car’s polish and shine intact.  The act retains the impression of a new vehicle and is necessary for its care and is right for its extended life.

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