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Changing Car Battery: When Do You Need It ?

Changing car battery
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The battery of your car is almost like the air you breathe – extremely important but scarcely noticed! It is only when the battery gives up that we actually start to take notice and begin to think about changing car battery and realize just how crucial that is to any vehicle. Many car owners are still confused about exactly how to check the condition of their car-battery and that is the reason why we came up with this article.

Readers will be surprised by the sheer number of vehicles that we receive for car servicing every week where the batteries are almost dead or dying. In addition, the majority of these vehicles do not show any signs on the outside that their batteries are failing! We believe that this is the main reason why car owners fail to address this issue. However, there are some simple guidelines which when followed can help users identify the issues plaguing their car battery.

The following are a few tips on changing car battery for car owners that can help them identify a dying battery

  1. Regular Car Servicing:

    This actually goes without saying! A regular car check-up at fixed intervals can not only reduce the probability of a breakdown but also increase the lifespan of your car battery. This is because faulty equipment can continuously draw power from your battery thus reducing its efficiency. Also, professionals are better able to identify the issues with your car battery and the reason behind its failure. 

  2. Dashboard Warning:

    Your car actually starts giving out signs that its battery is failing. The first indicator is your car’s dashboard. If you find the lights and indicators on your dashboard dimming every time you start your car then it is probably a good time to get your car battery checked and replaced. Also, the car engine will start turning slowly due to the loss of power. Though this can happen to a fully charged battery as well, 9 times out of 10 it is a problem with the car battery.

  3. Model and Make:

    Most modern vehicles are equipped with a number of computers and devices that are constantly working together to enhance the user experience. Though this is mostly considered a pro in the industry, the sheer number of devices in some cars can actually draw a lot of power from your battery. Some models have computers and programs running in your car even when it’s parked and switched off. If you don’t use your car frequently, it is always a good idea to take it out for a drive around the block at least once a week to keep the battery charged.

  4. Falling Temperatures:

    It is a well-known fact that batteries and cold temperatures do not go hand in hand. If you are facing issues with your car battery in cold temperatures, it is generally recommended to get your car checked. Usually, revving up the engine for a few minutes in neutral generally get your battery back on track but if you are still facing problems after that, it is a good idea to get your car serviced.

  5. Identifiers

  • Try turning on your car at night with the headlights turned on. If you notice the headlights dimming when you turn on the ignition, then it is an indicator that your battery is not working as it should
  • Notice the lights on your dashboard as you power up the engine. If the icons on your dashboard flicker when the car is turned on, it is time to get your car battery checked
  • Try revving the engine in neutral with the headlights turned on. If the intensity of the light increases with each rev, then it might be time for you to get your battery replaced.

Car battery change

It is always a good idea to get your car serviced at regular intervals by trained professionals. No matter how experienced you are behind the wheels, it is always recommended to consult professionals for issues under the hood. There are dedicated instruments that can properly read the conditions of your car battery and give you a print-out of the same. If you are facing issues with your car battery, want to get Car service near you then, get in touch with our trained professionals now.

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