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7 Things To Check In Your Car Before The Road Trip (Checklist)

Road trip checklist

Everyone knows what the Batmobile means to Batman. The Batmobile doesn’t just look amazing, it speeds Batman from one place to another. It also helps him chase down criminals if need be. But what if he were driving, and the car broke down? That despair he feels is what you’d feel if you went on a road trip in a car and it broke down. What a bummer it’d be, huh, if your car stops just outside the city?

There’s a simple way to avoid this despair. A few things done beforehand can prevent your car from being a wet blanket on your plans. We ’ve listed the 7 major checks you can make before you head on a nice, relaxing and fun road trip this weekend. Make sure your car is prepared to handle all the excitement!

Here is the checklist of the 7 things you can look over before the road trip:

  1. Start off with a clean slate:

  2. There’s no fun in taking a dirty car tour. Getting dirty along the way is part of the fun, of course, but that doesn’t mean you help the process! Begin by taking the car through a wash and wipe, polish if necessary.

    Clean the insides thoroughly. Keep a portable trash can or a bag for any trash you might pick up along the way. It’s no fun sitting with little potato crisp pieces and empty cans, or chocolate wrappers poking you from everywhere.

    Car Wash Station

  3. No lugging luggage:

  4. It’s a road trip, might be a few days before you get back. So of course, you need luggage. If your luggage fits in the car boot, that’s wonderful! If you simply must put the luggage on top of the car, make sure you secure it down with a tarpaulin or a plastic sheet.

    This not only protects your luggage from the weather conditions but it also keeps the car aerodynamically stable. Keeping your luggage uncovered leads to friction and slows the car down.

    Car Boot Space

  5. No waiting for an Engine Genie:

  6. Don’t think that you will be blessed with an engine genie when your car breaks down on the trip. Make an appointment with your mechanic and give your engine service and a health checkup before you start.

    Change your air filters since dirty ones could affect the functioning of your engine. If your engine is an old warrior, then compensate for internal wear by upgrading to a heavier oil. Look out for any strange noises that your engine could be making that would need care.

    Car Breakdown on the Road

  7. Keep battery bummers at bay:

  8. Of course, your road trip is full of exciting adventures. But make sure your car’s battery can handle the weather you’ll be traveling in. Check the date of the battery. Generally, batteries don’t require a lot of maintenance and that’s why they’re easily forgotten in general checklists.

    To be safe, carry a battery booster that plugs into your accessory port and helps jumpstart your car’s battery.

    car battery

  9. Lights, electricals, and everything small:

  10. Usually, we forget the small things like wipers, lights, and horns. But they cause bigger problems than we think. Check if they are all working and keep spare bulbs in the car. Don’t ignore even a little discomfort in the functioning of the wipers. You don’t want a rainstorm to stall your road trip.

    Car Wiper Service

  11. Emergency Kit:

  12. Everyone knows that an emergency kit is necessary in a car. But hardly anyone can tell what goes into the kit. Keep a universal screwdriver, a flashlight, and spare batteries. First aid supplies and tools to help you replace a flat tire are a must. Jumper cables and towing straps can come in real handy when you’re in a crisis.

    Car Mechanic Service

  13. Of course, some entertainment:

  14. Now that your car is ready to hit the road, you can also have a good playlist and movies arranged especially for the trip. Long drives are hardly tiring if you have some good entertainment. Laughing at the same joke and singing a song that everyone knows the words to are going to be a part of your favorite memories. You can also carry some games for a little extra fun.

    Car Infotainment System

    Getting your car ready for a road trip can be a little bit of a task but once secured, you’ll be relieved for the entire trip. Now, you can roll down your windows, play some good music and let the air kiss your face. We’re sure your experience of the drive will make you feel nothing short of a superhero, vrooming down the highways!

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