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5 Benefits of Having a Car Service Plan

car service plan
Car service

Your car is a part of your daily life and is important for you to begin your day with. Imagine having to travel to work without a car. Wouldn’t that be a pain? But your car which lets you travel everyday needs the utmost care if you want good performance in the long run. 

So what’s a car service plan? Are there any benefits of it? In simple terms, A car service plan includes the maintenance and repair costs for your car.  Your car manufacturer specifies the parts that will be covered under the car service plan. The basic elements covered under the car service plan are the fluids, parts and labour. Plans are normally designed so that services can be availed at fixed mileage over a certain period, say 3 to 5 years.  

So if you take a car service plan, here are 5 of its benefits:

  1.  Avoid expensive bills:

    Having a car servicing plan you spend a minimum amount on your vehicle every service and you are covered for the future servicing needs of your vehicle. Regular quality servicing lessens the chance of a costly fault occurring as issues are identified and resolved sooner.

    With a car service plan, you can avoid any large and unwelcome bills and also save yourself from getting stuck in the middle of nowhere. Moreover, you get your car serviced on a budget with professionals.  You can also check out our blogs on how to reduce car service bills in Dubai.

    Benefits Of Having a Car Service Plan

  2. Forget inflated prices:

    With the rise in prices, the cost of getting your car serviced also increases. This is where having a car service plan helps. It is a great ROI as your car needs regular servicing and therefore the amount you are paying as monthly installments or as upfront service fee will be used to get your vehicle serviced regularly.

    If your car is not equipped with a proper service plan, then every time you take your car repair to a garage, the charges for regular servicing will increase, to compensate for inflation. However, this will not happen if your car is equipped with proper service plans.

  3. Genuine parts:

    When you opt for an auto servicing plan, you know that the car service provider will use genuine parts for your car as you’re coming back to the same provider in fixed intervals. Thus, your car will have manufacturer-approved parts. Furthermore, the work is carried out by experienced and trained technicians so you can trust the quality of the service provided as well.

  4. Better road performance:

    A properly serviced vehicle will run more efficiently. Thus it will help you save fuel and unnecessary wear and tear. Regular quality servicing lessens the chance of a costly fault occurring as issues are identified and resolved sooner. So you can sell your car for a higher value as its condition will be good.

  5. Peace of mind:

    Last but most important, the major benefit of having a car service plan is the peace of mind that comes with it,  knowing that the cost of service is already taken care of. With a car servicing plan, you know that your car gets serviced regularly. All that you need to do is take your car to a local car service provider. Thus, you can go for those long drives or car trips without worrying about your car breaking down. You’ll also not get stranded because of your car’s condition and thus save yourself from headaches.

    To find a nearby car service provider, you can use a car service app like Carcility which is available on both Google Play Store or the App Store to make things even more convenient.

    So if you want to avoid expensive bills and need to get your car serviced every month, taking a car service plan is beneficial.  You know that you’ll get what you have paid for and will get it back in the form of professional car servicing. So, opting for a service plan makes sense rather than paying an unexpectedly large sum due to irregular servicing of your car. To find a reliable car service provider, find one through the Carcility app. Would you still want to delay car servicing?

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