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Carcility – A Modern Solution to Age-Old Car Care Challenges

Carcility co-founder Aniruth discussing about solving car care problems
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UAE is turning out to be one of the major hubs of technology in the new world owing to the sheer number of businesses that are coming up with radical solutions to everyday problems.

Innovation is the key to sustainable development and effective implementation of the said ideas is extremely crucial to the overall success of the project. One such idea came to Anirudh’s mind when he faced a rather serious issue with a very common problem. Anirudh, like many of us, was having trouble finding a dedicated car care service provider for his car that would be able to address all the issues at a fairly reasonable price. Some of you might have already noticed the problem statement here but for others, let’s just put it out in plain sight.

Finding the right car service workshop can sometimes be an extremely tedious task. Some garages might take advantage of the customer and charge exuberantly high prices while others might lack the technical proficiency to take care of the problem. Either way, getting cars serviced properly and efficiently is a major challenge, even in a car-crazy nation like the UAE. 

Today, Anirudh joined DubaiEye to discuss his new startup and the ways in which his company is approaching this problem. He provided some valuable insights into the effective history of the startup and the main issues faced by the automobile industry at present.

You see, Anirudh, unlike many of us, actually managed to find a proper car care service for his problem courtesy of his friend, and was extremely satisfied with the job they had done to it. This caught his attention – if only people around him had access to such information right when they needed it, challenges related to car servicing would truly be a thing of the past! The solution in his mind was simple – make use of the internet and the already well-established mobile platforms to spread information and empower customers by putting power back into their own hands.

The result? Carcility – the first of its kind car maintenance app in the UAE that brings together customers and car-service providers alike and promotes a seamless experience for both. Available on both android and iOS platforms for free, Carcility allows users to collect quotes for their car service from various workshops in their vicinity and then make the best choice depending on their price, reviews and requirements. This completely gets rid of the act of actually visiting the workshops in the first place, saving valuable time, effort and energy.

Anirudh explains that the idea behind the app is to provide customers with enough information in order to enable them to make decisions independently and without risk. Once these customers are well-versed with the nuances of the industry, they can pretty much make proper decisions depending on their prior experiences. If they feel they received proper car service from a particular auto-repair workshop, they can choose to go back to them again. However, if one is not happy with the service, then they are able to receive quotes for their required services again and choose the one that fits their bill perfectly.

Being a tech-head himself, Anirudh is already well versed with the quirks of the market and has taken steps to expand the service into surrounding areas in the near future. He explains that something so common as a car should have a dedicated service at everyone’s disposal, at least in the present scenario where all services are being provided online.

Carcility at present provides its services at Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and Dubai but you can expect it to reach areas around you soon.

Advantages of using Carcility are:

  • Instant Quotes
  • Extensive Reviews
  • Reliable Car Service Providers
  • Maintain Records
  • Attractive Discounts and Offers
  • Loyalty Programs

An app like Carcility truly has the potential to revolutionize the way people maintain and get their cars serviced, especially in a time when all other industries are going digital.

Source: Dubai Eye 103.8 News

Check out the full interview with Anirudh and learn more about the company’s quirky ideas right from the founder himself. Carcility is presently available on
android and iOS devices.
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