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5 Best Places to Go for a Road Trip from Dubai

Best places for road trip from Dubai

Weekends call for a time to celebrate and relax. If you have a long weekend or even a short one, taking a road trip can help you detach from the regular schedule. So this weekend, why not spend a little time outdoors rather than indoors with your family and friends? 

So, having said that we have gathered some of the places you can plan for a road trip from Dubai.

But first, also make sure to check your car before any road trip to avoid any breakdowns in the middle.

Here’s the list of top places you can go for a weekend road trip from Dubai :

  1. Fujairah:

    Fujairah UAEFujairah is one of the major emirates of the UAE and is also a scuba-diving destination in the country. Many resorts present in and around the destination also offer interesting packages for guests to try out deep-sea diving, snorkelling and more. This place has a coastline exclusively on the Gulf of Oman and is one of the best places to embark on road trips from Dubai during the weekend in UAE. On your drive, you’ll go through lofty mountains and several towns that are dotted with mountain ranges. You can explore the Wadi Waruyah in the Hajjar Mountains and see some of the most spectacular views from the ‘Grand Canyon of the UAE’. There are several hotels/restaurants at appropriate intervals making the journey from Dubai to Fujairah easy and enjoyable. The roads are ultra-smooth which of course, will be a good experience for you and your car as well! So if you love speeding up, this place is exactly where you want to head to this weekend.

  2. Ras Al Khaimah:

    Ras Al Khaimah UAERas Al Khaimah is a great mini-break destination as it is rewarding in terms of driving and is adventurous as well. You can also take a short drive to the mountains in this place. There are a variety of activities to do such as paragliding, water sports, golf, fishing and horse riding. This Emirate is also full of fabulous five-star hotels and beach resorts making it a perfect weekend option. If you love adventure and thrill while driving, this is where you want to be. Make sure to check your car’s health so that it is suitable for an enjoyable drive for those landscapes.

  3. Jebel Hafeet:

    Jabel Hafeet UAEKnown as one of the greatest driving roads in the world, Jebel Hafeet is the United Arab Emirate’s highest point and offers a massive scenic view of the adjacent desert, Oman and the city of Al Ain. There’s also Al Ain Zoo below Jebel Hafeet – another worthwhile stop in Al Ain. A sturdy climb that rises 1,240 metres, rocky limestones that have survived for a million years, and has access to the UAE’s second-highest peak, the drive to Jebel Hafeet is extremely gratifying. Make sure you take breaks at appropriate intervals to admire the stunning views of both the mountain and the surroundings. So ensure that your car is in top-notch condition so that even when you take those breaks to admire those views, you’re able to drive smoothly and prevent any car breakdown.

  4. Hatta:

    Hatta UAEIf you’re looking for a quick getaway from your daily schedule, then Hatta is the perfect place to celebrate a weekend. This place is located on the Oman border with spectacular vistas which include striking mountains, gorgeous natural pools, kayaking trips, beautiful picnic spots and quaint hotels and resorts. One of the most popular destinations for road trips in the UAE with unmatched mountain views, Hatta is the perfect place to relax and unwind. If you want to do a bit of off-roading up in the mountains, then we’d recommend you to go on a 4X4 SUV that’ll give you a better ground clearance and more grip on loose gravel or rocky road surfaces. 

  5. Liwa:

    Liwa UAELiwa is a desert settlement located 220km from the main center of Abu Dhabi and is also known as the ‘Empty Quarter’. Do you feel like zipping through the desert on an endless road with your favorite music keeping you company? Then look no further than the vast desert of Liwa which has the kind of scenic view you’d want on your road trip. The journey to Liwa is a beautiful one where the golden sand mountains will make you want to stop at every one. At times, because of the wind, some parts of the road may be covered with sand, so just drive carefully. If you’re a culture vulture and love adventure then you’d also love to explore the forts, heritage sites and the Tal Mireb which is a 300-meter high sand dune. The Liwa Oasis is another place located in the area where the village appears as a series of dots along the routes, where the much-awaited Star Wars: The Force Awakens was shot. This place is perfect for you to bring back memories and as for the dust that you bring along in your car, a car service provider is just a click away with Carcility.

    Wherever you are planning for a weekend road trip from Dubai, don’t forget to check your car’s fuel level and its condition for uninterrupted fun. To get a general health checkup of your car, you may visit a car service center near you through Carcility. Don’t these weekend road trip destinations make you feel like driving to one of these places? Let us know if you have anything interesting to share about these places.


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