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How Often You Should Get Your Car Serviced?

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The car service business is on a new high. There was a time when buying new cars made for bigger business than car maintenance of already owned vehicles. Not anymore!

According to a recent survey, the global automotive aftermath industry (the car service industry) is expected to reach $ 810 billion by 2026. As the global automotive consumer base becomes more concerned with the maintenance of their vehicles, they spend more on new parts and high-quality service.

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How Often Should You Service Your Car?

On average, drivers are advised to send in their vehicles for service every six months or 10,000 Km – whichever comes first. However, if you usually drive on harsher terrains, you might need to schedule a service appointment after every 6,000 miles.

With the wide variety of cars available in our world, the answer to this question depends on various factors, such as: 

  • The current condition of your vehicle.
  • The distance you have driven since your last service.
  • The type of terrain you drive on (smooth roads or rougher roads)
  • The type of car and car model you own

In fact, most contemporary car models have a built-in warning signal to let you know it’s time to schedule a car check-up. Depending on the type of car you drive, this signal may be a light, an icon, or even a warning message.

Read your car manual  

Every new car comes with an instruction manual, and this manual will contain specific information regarding how often your car needs to be serviced. The instructions on such manuals come directly from the car company and can help you plan maintenance appointments in advance.  

If you share that service schedule with a trusted car service provider or an app that can keep track of your timeline, you won’t have to worry about missing another car maintenance appointment! Get such a car service app now! 

Why get your car serviced? 

Many car owners are capable of conducting general check-ups by themselves, but it’s important to schedule services with a car care expert so that you don’t miss out on small technical points. For example, fluids in vehicles are susceptible to moisture. Fluids like the engine oil have to be replaced at regular intervals.

If you avoid getting your car serviced, you might also void your warranty/guarantee agreement. 

Types of car service:

Most car services fall under these categories: 

  • Minor

    This is a tiny check-up where engine oil and other fluids will be checked. Basic crack and damage inspections are also done. Chances are this will take only a couple of hours.  

  • Interim

    For vehicles that run in harsh conditions, there is an interim car service. It is important for inspections between minor and major services because many models are not built for operation on difficult roads. This can prevent breakdown and accidents.  

  • Major

    Usually done once a year, this is a full-body check-up for your beloved ride. Every minute detail is looked after, like tyre thread depth, exhaust, steering wheel, windshields, etc. To get this service, you might have to go without your car for a day.

Who should be extra careful? 

If you’re driving an old car or an older model, take extra care. Older models tend to breakdown more and need more maintenance for one obvious reason – they have been on the road for too long. Keep an eye on the odometer to tell you when it is time. 

How to find a reliable car service center in Dubai?

The survey quoted above shows a curve towards mobile/online transactions in the industry. Owners prefer to book their car service online because it’s easier to access. If you’re in Dubai and need a list of car service in Dubai with competitive costs, just look for a car repair app or website like Carcility. Factors to look at are the reviews, the distance from your location, the cost and the range of services offered. Read here about how to choose the best car service center in Dubai.

Remember that your vehicle is your friend as long as you take care of it. Money invested in car service is an investment worth making for a flawless & safe driving experience. So what are you waiting for? Find a car service and pamper your carriage now

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