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How to Choose the Best Place for Car Wash in Dubai

Car wash in Dubai
Car wash

A clean and well-maintained car makes a good impression on people. So you definitely want to keep it sparkling! To keep your vehicles dirt free and shining you need a reliable car wash service nearby.

There are many service centers to get your car washed in Dubai, but how do you decide which one is worth your time, money, and trust?

If you entrust your vehicle to inexperienced or scamming hands, you might regret it. Little research before choosing a service provider helps you to pick the best car wash in Dubai

Here are 9 tips you can follow to choose the best car wash in Dubai

  1. License:

    All the car service vendors who are in the business legitimately and for the long term will procure a license before starting the business. Look for certifications on their website or ads published in the newspaper.  Affiliation with a recognized organization is an add-on, an extra promise of good service.

  2. Range of cleaning services:

    A reliable and trustworthy car cleaning service will usually provide a wide range of car wash services. These services range from simple car interior cleaning, car polishing to triple poly car wax. Information about different packages will help you choose a service for a long time to handle all your car wash needs.

  3. Quality of products and equipment:

    The quality of products used in your car directly impacts the life of car paint. A harsh chemical (usually containing acid) is technically the same as making tiny marks on your car paint. Always make sure that the car wash service provider uses high-quality products with mild ph.

    Up-to-date equipment is another marker of a good car service provider. Companies that care about your vehicle will always stay on top of trends. State-of-the-art equipment also leads to less use of chemicals.

    Best Car Wash Dubai

  4. Value and affordability: 

    Great service does not have to come at an overwhelming cost. If a service provider is quoting unrealistic prices, that is the first sign of a possible scam. Always verify how the charges are justified. Any experienced auto service provider will not send you quotes unless they know the details of your car model and status. 

    Remember to get quotes from different car washes vendors, compare the costs and then make an informed decision. After all, it is about pampering your favorite vehicle.

  5.  Knowledge and reputation: 

    A bad car washing service can cause a minute to severe problems for your vehicle. Find out top tips to wash a car without scratching it.

    A well-experienced and trained professional knows what is best for a particular car of any make. There is no generalized treatment and you make the best of your money.

  6.  Warranty: 

    Many car service providers offer a warranty on the work carried out. This is a sign of a vendor who has confidence in the service they provide.

  7. Customer reviews: 

    Although reviews are highly subjective, more often than not they reflect what sort of experience you are going to have with a particular vendor.

    Do not go by one person’s words. Read multiple reviews, and go by the average rating of any car wash vendor. Look for reviews that best answer your concerns.

    For example- The time taken for the car cleaning and washing service and follow-up.

  8. Distance from your place: 

    “What makes a car wash service great?”, one of the crucial factors can be the distance from your home/office. If you live in Dubai, you will need the best car wash around Dubai which is also convenient for you to visit. With today’s advances in technology, you can simply search for ”car wash near me“ on your phone and all the best car wash centers located nearby will be listed.

    There is no point in visiting a place that is all the way at the other end of the city just because it is slightly affordable in cost. Remember that this decision is supposed to be long term and easily accessible.

  9. Customer support and follow-up:

    The sign of great service is the follow-up. A professional car wash service provider won’t leave you hanging after a car washing service.

    They will provide you support via a call or in-person and many service providers also do a follow-up to check on your satisfaction level.

    If you are wondering, how many times should we wash our car in a month – here’s an interesting fact. A recent survey suggests that on average every car owner in Dubai avails car cleaning three to four times a month. The survey also suggests an average expense of Dh35-100  per visit to a car service in Dubai. Many car owners with very expensive models prefer to splurge as much as Dh700 per visit to keep their prized possessions dirt and spot-free.

    The above-stated data proves that a good car wash in Dubai is a simple matter of maintaining a flawless lifestyle.

    If you are a car owner and are looking for a great service with minimum efforts, go on an app or website (like Carcility) where you can find customized car service centers according to your needs, budget, and location. An app that can list various car service centers at once so that you don’t have to research every single vendor.

    Car cleaning and spraying

You don’t want to toil with the same information and research every-time, so make a decision that will stand the test of time based on the above-mentioned tips. A long-term relationship is good for your car’s health and peace of mind. 

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