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9 Traffic Rules in Dubai You Don’t Want to Violate

Dubai Traffic Rules

Studies suggest in the year 2018 Dubai residents have spent an average of 80 hours in the traffic jam. Cars have always been an obsession for Dubai crowd, owning one and driving them brings in immense pleasure. The Dubai roads are filled with Petrol-heads with a need for speed. Keeping up with speed comes hand in hand with abiding by the traffic laws to avoid unnecessary traffic fines . If you love sitting behind the wheel as you drive, it is very crucial for you to be aware of the Dubai traffic rules and regulations.

Traffic rules in Dubai

The Dubai government has enforced some road safety initiatives in an attempt to prevent accidents and reduce impacts on lives and properties. In the context of this, it is also very important to be aware of the traffic rules to avoid accidents and penalties.

Here are 9 Dubai Traffic Rules You Should Always Keep in Mind :

  1. Understanding the Traffic signs: 

    There are various traffic signs on the Dubai roads, you need to memorize and recall them as they will help you with your driving and will help you from getting lost.

    Dubai traffic signs

  2. Dropping out garbage from your car is a Big No:

    Plucking out your chips packets or even a tissue could cost you a lot. Dubai’s authorities are very typical with the cleanliness of their roads. So an offense like throwing out your waste on the roads can cost you a heavy fine of 1000 Dh and 6 black points.


  3. Drunk driving is not only a violation of law but a criminal offense:

    If you are found drunk while driving you to have to bear a confiscation of your vehicle along with a fine and will be arrested as per Article No. 59.3 of the Law.

  4. Drive in the required speed:

    Dubai roads usually have a higher speed limit. Driving below the speed can attract Speed violation fines. So keeping the cars in minimum and maximum speed limit as per the suggestion of the traffic rules is mandatory.

    Car Driving Rules Dubai

  5. Overtaking from the right hand side:

    While driving in Dubai, you should be aware that it is only allowed to overtake from the left and overtaking from right causes penalty.

  6. Reverse like a pro:

    Car reversals are a skill set within itself and while reversing you should be very careful that you don’t hit nearby object or a person as it could lead you to trouble. So plunge your eyes on the rear view mirror and be very cautious while you act on your reversal skills.

    Car Driving Rule Dubai

  7. Stickers on the car body are only allowed with permission:

    You have to take permission from the authorities before decorating your cars with stickers as they are strictly banned.

  8. Keep your headlights on when you are driving during a foggy day:

    It is mandatory to keep your headlights on when you are driving on an unclear day and during normal evenings as otherwise, it could lead you to traffic fine of 500 Dh with 4 black points.

    Dubai Car Driving Rule

  9. Park in assigned space:

    Try to always park your cars in the assigned spaces and don’t land your cars in vacant or sandy surfaces to save up on the parking cost. Familiarize yourself with the Dubai driving rules and laws so that you can avoid fines and also black points. 24 or more black points can prevent you from driving your car for a year.Dubai Car Driving Rules

    The congestion level in 26%, so with a few of these Dubai traffic rules in mind, you can enjoy a smooth ride while driving in Dubai. For more, Here are the 8 Golden Rules To Enjoy Driving In Dubai

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