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8 Golden Rules To Enjoy Driving In Dubai

Driving in Dubai

With the gorgeous highways donning Dubai, it’s only natural that you’ll be tempted to venture into rash driving amongst all the supercars zipping past you.

According to a German survey, Dubai ranked as the second-best city for driving and that shows that the people have respected the luxury by driving sensibly. The congestion level is 26% so if you keep certain rules in mind, the city will be, yours to explore and every journey will go smooth.

Here are 8 Rules You Should keep in mind while driving in Dubai

1.  Speed check

Car Speed Check

The wide beautiful roads and Dubai being a catalogue for the glorious supercars, driving scene in Dubai is unmatchable. But the free roads make one speed more than it’s required. The speed limit in Dubai ranges between 100-140 and there are speed cameras installed everywhere. So, while you’re getting your hands on beautiful wheels, remember to speed check.

2.  Rubberneck habits

Avoid Car Accident

Whenever there’s an accident, it is natural that people will pull over to either help or just out of curiosity. But this does nothing other than increase traffic on the road. Dubai took a smart step and illegalised rubbernecking. So, remember that even if others have pulled over, don’t let curiosity get to you. Also, you don’t need to be worried in case you see an accident on road, Dubai traffic police is one of the best and quickest to help.

3.  No Tailgating

Car Tailgating

There’s a 2-second rule – always stay 2 seconds behind the car in front. That helps in adjusting the speed. Many drivers do not maintain a safe distance but don’t get tempted to join them. Usually, the congestion is low, so there’s practically no need to get too close to a car.

4.  Headlights Fiasco

Night Driving in Dubai

Flashing headlights in Dubai means “get out of the way, I’m coming through”. Usually, it’s the police or an unmarked car, but sometimes the speed freaks will do that just out impatience. It’s better to stay out of the fast lane as much as possible to avoid any accidents. Also, if you do see headlights flashing, don’t panic, just stay calm and move over when it’s safe to.

5.  Road Behaviour

Road Behavior in Dubai

While it’s important to follow all the traffic rules, there’s a culture code that every country has and that should be respected. In Dubai, hand gestures that can be construed as offensive should be avoided at all costs. Needless to say, swearing in rage should be the last thing to do. So patience is the way to go while you’re enjoying the luxury of driving in Dubai.

6.  Pick the right parking

Car Parking in Dubai

There are mystery scratches and dents that you will find on your car. They usually happened when you parked in a busy area in Dubai. You can report to the police when this happens. Although, it’s rarely ever done. It’s always safer to park in less busy areas and don’t forget to pull your wing mirrors in.

7.  Weather Wisdom

Dubai Skyline

Dubai doesn’t really surprise you with harsh weather which is why drivers are usually lost on what to do when there’s a wet, stormy or foggy weather. Drivers will turn on their hazard lights and drive in full beam leaving you confused and reducing your visibility. Not just that, the high speeding that everyone is used to is continued even in bad weather conditions.

To be a safe driver, keep in the slow or second lane. In case your car condition worsens due to driving in bad weather, it would be wise to pull over and park in a garage. In case, you want to find out where your nearest garage is, Carcility is here to help you with that.

8.  Road Hazards

Dubai Roads

Now here’s where Dubai can surprise you. If you’re driving in the outskirts of Dubai, expect to find a camel right in the middle of the road. So just slow down and let the camel pass because if you hit one, there’s a bleak chance that your car will be left in a working condition. You should also try and warn other road users by using your hazard lights.

Other than camels, trucks are another reason to be wary on the road. Huge lorries and transport trucks often shed or drop their load which wouldn’t be visible to you if you’re at a very high speed. Better to keep a speed that allows you to prepare for the surprises on the road.

Remember that it’s a luxury to be driving on the free wide roads in Dubai. If you go on the outskirts, the roads extend into mountain ranges which will make you fall in love with driving. Just keep in mind to follow the rules and let the roads take you safely to your destination. If anytime your car gives you a problem, Dubai will not disappoint you since Carcility can get you in touch with the nearest garage no matter where you are.

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