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Benefits of a Professional Car Wash

Car wash

We’ve all been through situations where we are all stuck at regular intervals when our car demands immediate attention to get cleaned. This state follows the dilemma of choosing to get the car washed using our skills and a couple of video tutorials on the internet or going for a professional car wash. Converting your driveway is not a right call for a complete car wash, based on your time limitations, expected level of results, the precision of the work finesse and the several obstacles related to permissible water consumption amount limits and space requirement fit. This difficulty can be well solved when you understand what precisely professional car washes have to offer, their different types of wash and the several benefits.

What is a Professional Wash

A professional wash includes several different types of wash that employs experts, trained professionals using specialised tools, techniques and equipment to carry out the car wash process. Choose from a professional car wash method to get the complete satisfactory result based on the different types (their pros and cons) and the final selection on what fits your requirement the most.

Benefits of Professional Car Wash

Complete Care

An expert’s approach using the right tools and techniques will not only add proper shine and clear off the dirt, debris or other kinds of grime sticking to the surface but will also help to render the impeccable complete finish, providing the perfect wash’s look and feel.

Economic Value

With the various types of professional car wash options available, we not only save tremendously on time invested for our car’s care but more on the energy invested in finding the ONE type of wash that would meet all needs.

Addition on Car Value

It is not a secret that cars lose their value over time. Keeping your car’s upkeep with regular compliance to detailing and cleanliness will prove beneficial in the long run, maintaining your car’s long life and increasing its resale value.

Vehicle Safety

Professional car washes use the right cleaning solutions, tools, types of equipment and techniques. For every part, its various surface types, using solutions that are metal-friendly and do not damage the paintwork, etc. and other specifications on complete attention to remove every particle of dirt from the external surface.

Beneficial to the Environment

Professional auto wash with the right tools and techniques has the least amount of damage to the environment in terms of the amount of water used and proper disposal of the dirty water from the wash.

Advantages over a DIY car wash

Each car’s make and model type, varies with the factory finish and protective paint coating of its exterior. Different surfaces demand different cleansing substances with chemicals that would not harm them. Various mistakes which most of us make with the DIY hack include not using the right surface cleanser or undertaking the cleaning act under direct sunlight (and not in the shade). Instead of seeking recommended tools and techniques for the wash, in a DIY approach, the tools used are mostly the ones that come handy and/or are easily available. These mistakes affect the overall output and cause more harm to the surface instead.

The harsh scraping using the wrong type of cleaning cloth and the direct rays of the sun on the car body paint, which is already exposed to the harsh chemicals of the wrong kind of shampoo (like detergents) will not generate the desired output. The result? Water spots, paint damage and removal of the protective wax coating of the surface. Even if everything looks fine, we all know that when it is time for your car’s resale, it will come down to 10-20 percent less value with a shady and unkempt appearance.

The frequency of the car wash your vehicle requires will entirely depend on how dirty it gets and its regularity. An automatic car wash will provide the complete wash with impeccable results. As a thumb rule, you can follow the timeline of washing your car at least once every six months.

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