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Tips to Avoid Tire Blowouts in Dubai

Avoid tire blowouts
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From the various reasons that are known to cause safety hazards while driving, a tire blowout can have disastrous consequences. A tire blowout is the tire’s sudden failure, resulting in a quick burst, caused mainly because of its damaged conditions(wear, tear and over or under inflation).

In a fraction of a second after a tire blowout, the driver will start losing the vehicle’s control. Whether it is the temperature or the lack of care from your end that might result in a tire blowout, you must ensure to avoid such thoughtless and irresponsible behaviour and not risk your’s and the lives of others while on the road.

Why Would a Tire Blowout?

Heat is one of the prime causes that can directly risk tire failure.

The summer’s heat is sure to take a toll on your car’s condition. The continuous heat not only affects the car battery and oil but being the primary contact point to the road’s heated surface, will also affect your car tires.

Various other causes could lead to a tire blowout. These include old tires, maintenance issues, wrong tire pressure, heavily loaded vehicles, etc.

What Should You Do If Your Tire Has a Blowout?

Either of the rear or the front tires could be affected in case of tire blowouts. If the blown-out tire is a rear one, then you might feel the pressure on the seated body to accelerate towards the front, and if it’s the front tire that has a blowout, you will feel a more significant force in the steering wheel region of the car. Regardless of which particular tire, you must follow the standard safety protocol.

The various measures to follow in case of a blowout include actions like safe parking and call for assistance. Many drivers are not accustomed to the stepwise method of surviving tire blowout.

Following are the steps that you should follow in case of a blowout to secure your safety, the safety of the passengers and other vehicles on the road.

  • The most crucial step applicable to all such cases is keeping your calm intact. Do not panic – because as soon as the fear kicks in, your mind will not be able to concentrate on the steps to put out the alarm.

  • A blown-out tire will make you lose the balance while driving. Keep calm and firmly grip the steering wheel to have it under your control.

  • Make sure you do not suddenly press on the brakes in the rush of the situation. Pressing the brakes is best advised when your car slows down to a 30 mph speed.

  • The next step is to gradually slow down the car and pull it over to the road’s side. You can turn on the emergency flashers to avoid accidents and further alert the other drivers on the route of the emergency.

  • Once you’re safely out of your car, you can call for the necessary aid and assistance.

How Do You Prevent a Tire Blowout?

The tips on how to avoid blowout include maintenance measures and complying with service schedules, like tire maintenance, replacing old and damaged tires, etc. Taking into account the scale of damage and safety risk a tire blowout can have, it is advisable that you comply with your maintenance schedules and repair plans.

Regular Scheduled Tire Maintenance

It is advisable to get your tire tread, and depth checked following the manufacturer’s recommendations and legal guidelines. With the minimum tire depth as per the UAE’s regulations being 1.6mm, get a professional to check the compliance, and ensure that you follow legal guidelines and regulations for road safety. 

While cold temperature causes the air in the tires to condense, the heated temperature adds to the need for keeping a check on the tire pressure, as the heat leads to their expansion. The manufacturer’s guide can help you with your car’s recommended pressure. Air gauges can help you check your car’s tire pressure. Make sure you get the pressure checked for all the tires, along with the spare ones and replace the ones which are worn out. 

Your car’s alignment is another crucial determining factor for its overall state and your safety. This includes both the wheel and tire alignment. If you’re driving straight but still feel your car steering to one side resulting in an uneven balance, you must get its suspension checked instantly. Leave the details to the professionals. The suspension body while still may seem alright, there could be an uneven weight distribution and misalignment to one side that would result in the tire blowout.

Do Not Overload Your Vehicles

Vehicle overload is one of the common reasons for tire blowouts. Overloading not only causes extra fuel consumption but affects the driver’s handling and vehicle stability as well.   

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