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5 Summer Car Tyre Maintenance and Care Tips

Car tyre maintenance
Car maintenance

Your car tyres are already under tremendous exposure to wear with the continuous rides, seasonal changes, harsh driving ways and irregular maintenance. Like every other car part, you need to take proper care and follow tips to maintain your car tyre life. And the intense and torrid summer heat is only going to add on to the need for its proper maintenance to ensure a smooth and safe ride.

How Do You Maintain Tyre Life?

There are several car tyre maintenance tips which will ensure maintaining its life. These include ensuring proper tyre pressure, smooth driving methods, following regulations of tyre and wheel rotation, regular inspection for wear or a need to change and taking care for proper car alignment and tyre balance.

5 car tyre maintenance tips explained, to help you beat the summer effects:

  1. Proper Tyre Pressure

  2. The air pressure in your car tyres forms one of the most critical aspects of your vehicle safety. A lower than adequate car tyre pressure will impose an equal risk on your safety as well as the fellow passengers on the ride.

    As a critical component of the tyre maintenance tip, it is mandatory that your car tyres have sufficient recommended air pressure. Both the underinflated and overinflated tyres can cause trouble. Even though tyres today are wholly equipped to withstand pressure, it is always advisable to maintain proper levels, but with the older tyres, there will always be a risk of a tire blowout with overinflation.

    Get your car tyre checked for the correct air pressure at least once every month to ensure smooth running. The underinflated tyres will pose a significant threat as you may lose control of the car while driving, and also the tyres might wear out more with the rolling resistance. Following proper air pressure regulation will help in tyre maintenance and contribute to its long life.

  3. Regular Tyre Rotation

  4. Regular tyre rotation forms an essential car tyre care tip for your summer tyre maintenance plan. You can get your car tyres rotated to even out the wear, every 5000-6000 miles or as advised by the manufacturer.

    Not all tyres are subject to equal exposure while driving. While your front tyre might be additionally affected with direct acceleratory force, the rear ones will be comparatively less impacted. What you can expect from the professional help for this task is that the technicians will rotate the tyres, to assure even tread wear.

    Tyre rotation is also critical to prevent the additional cost from correcting the uneven tyre tread wear. This activity is undertaken because the resulting damage is not only risky for an individual’s safety but will hamper your tyre’s longevity as well.

  5. Proper Summer Driving

  6. It would help if you also took note of your driving behaviour. Many-a-times knowingly or not, we expose our cars to harsh driving ways and techniques (like sudden rough braking patterns, etc.), which adds additional pressure to the car tyres exposing them to irregular wear. The summer heat keeps the roads hot, and the resulting heat in the car tyre along with continuous friction poses the risk of wearing off the tyres. A smooth ride will get you a long way in car tyre care.

    You can get the car tyres checked the next time you visit the service centre for a car oil change or other monthly fixes.

  7. Regular Inspection

  8. The summer’s heat will have already got your tyres under immense pressure. Keep note for regular inspection of your tyres. This will help you avoid any mishaps and the leading troubles hampering your’s and your vehicle’s safety.

    You can keep an eye for the following signs with a visual inspection:

    • Look for underinflated tyres. Riding an underinflated tyre will not help you balance and take control while driving and will even wear the tyre tread more, resulting in greater damage.
    • Inspect the state of your tyres. If it’s a bald worn-out one, one with sidewall issues or lost tread, then you know it’s time to change your car tyre.  1.6 mm is the recommended tread depth for a safe car ride.

    Replace any damaged and old tyres. As per safety regulations, the car tyres need to be sold within two years of their manufacturing date and must be replaced every five years.

  9.  Tyre Alignment & Balance

  10. It is an absolute demanding safety factor to have the ride’s control for anyone driving a vehicle.

    Tyre Alignment is where you keep the car tyres aligned in their specific angles with each other and with the vehicle’s body, as recommended by the manufacturer. You must keep the tyres even for all sides and follow their specifications. If you feel an off-balance while you control the steering during a ride, you must get the alignment checked. You can get these aligned every 5000 km or when you come across uneven wear. Tyre alignment will help you avoid unnecessary wear, balance for a smooth ride, ensure stability, safety and help in proper fuel economy.

    Tyre balance is when you ensure that there is even distribution of the overall weight around the circumference of the vehicle’s body. As an essential car tyre maintenance tip, tyre balancing is essential to ensure a proper, smooth ride and for the tyre’s extended life.

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