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How do I Know It’s Time To Change My Car’s Oil?

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Oil is the lifeline for your car and if you don’t check engine oil as and when required you are heading for a major crisis like engine repairs or even engine replacement! When it comes to car maintenance, this should be on the top of the list of your priorities.

While it is important for you to know the importance of changing your oil, you must also know the warning signs that signal that your engine oil needs to be changed.

When Should You Change Your Engine Oil?

You need to change your car oil every 3000 miles or three months, whichever comes first. Refer to your owner’s manual and consult from the manufacturer’s details for the exact specifications.

All cars are distinct from each other and so, their need for oil change also varies with the different make and models. While you know that your engine oil needs to be changed, here are some tips to help you understand when to get it done.

6 major signs that your car oil needs to be changed:

  1. Check Your Engine Light

  2. The best way to check engine oil for any problems would be looking at the oil change light and engine light. Both lights will illuminate if the oil level is low. Confirm the problem with a dipstick oil check. This is your warning sign that your engine is at risk here.

  3. Noises From The Engine

  4. A warning sign that your engine oil level is not optimal would be knocking sounds from the engine. This happens when the engine is not well lubricated. The noise comes due to friction between the engine parts and signals that you need to consider this an emergency.

  5. Colour of Oil

  6. Another signal that you should check engine oil would be the colour of the oil. The colour of clean oil is amber, and it is a bit translucent. As oil becomes older, the colour of the oil changes to a darker shade due to the presence of particles from the engine. Be sure that you check engine oil on a monthly basis. Perform the dipstick oil check and if you find the dipstick can’t be seen due to the colour of the oil, you need to go for an oil change.

  7. The Smell of Oil or Fumes

  8. When you find the smell of oil every time you get into your car, you need to check engine oil. This could be due to leakage of oil. Overheating of your car could lead to the smell of fumes in your car.

  9. Smoke From Exhaust

  10. Another warning sign for an oil change would be smoke coming out from your car’s exhaust pipe.

  11. Distance Covered

  12. As a rule of thumb, you need to change your oil after your car has done 5000 or 10000 kilometres depending on the age, make and condition of your vehicle.

Signs your car needs oil change

As you learn how to  check engine oil, you also need to understand why a car oil change is important to keep your vehicle running smoothly.

10 reasons why your car engine oil needs to be changed:

  1. Prevents Engine Damage:

  2. Old engine oil tends to cause friction, poor lubrication, and higher wear and tear. Lack of engine lubrication leads to engine seizure from overheating of the engine. When you use the right engine oil lubricants, your engine is properly lubricated, and the lifespan of your engine also increases. Regular car oil change ensures the engine is clean and prevents potential damage to it.

  3. Reduces Wear and Tear:

  4. The moving parts of the engine like the piston, valves and crankshaft assembly are protected by engine oil lubricants. Corrosion or damage to the engine results from condensation and changing engine oil regularly prevents this.

  5. Prevent Damage to Engine Parts:

  6. If you don’t change your oil at regular intervals, the engine parts are damaged due to friction, and you could end up paying a huge amount towards repairs of engine parts.

  7. Check Internal Combustion:

  8. Internal combustion or burning of the engine occurs with old oil which has lost its lubricating properties. There is a loss of viscosity or thickness of the oil. This leads to oil sludge which results in internal combustion of the engine, and you would have to replace the engine.

  9. Wrong Oil Levels:

  10. You need to keep in mind when you go for an oil change that the moment you drive your car after that, you are burning oil. So the oil level that you saw when the oil change took place falls, and this leads to engine problems. A dipstick oil check is therefore important to check engine oil. You can find the dipstick under the hood or bonnet of your car.

  11. Lubricate Parts to Reduce Friction

  12. Older oil in your engine causes higher friction of the parts leading to tiny metallic specs or a bit of engine coolant in your oil which damages your engine. An oil analysis when getting your oil change will prevent this.

  13. Detecting leakage:

  14. Leakage of a seal or wear and tear of a washer will lead to falling levels of oil. These issues can be identified and the required replacements made when you get your oil changed on a regular basis.

  15. Better Fuel Efficiency:

  16. Getting your car oil changed at regular intervals ensures that you reduce fuel consumption and improve fuel efficiency. This leads to major savings for you over the entire duration of owning the vehicle.

  17. Longer Vehicle Life:

  18. When you change your car’s oil on a regular basis, you get fewer problems related to engine damage, and you will use your car more frequently and spend less time in the garage for repairs.

  19. Low Exhaust Emissions:

  20. When an oil change is done on a regular basis, you will have lower exhaust emissions. You will also have no problems during emission tests which is mandatory as per law.

It is clear why you should get your check engine oil on a regular basis. There would be huge savings for you, and you would be extending the life of your vehicle.

Now that you know the importance of changing your oil, you will have to know the warning signs that signal that your engine oil needs to be changed.

Ensure a Healthier Life For Your Vehicle

To make sure that you enjoy driving your vehicle and spend less time in garages for expensive repairs, all you need to do is check engine oil. Just keep the warning signs in mind and get your vehicle oil changed. Your vehicle enjoys a long life, and you enjoy a peaceful drive!

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