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9 Most Common Engine Oil Questions Answered

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Taking care of the automobile is imperative for its high performance and longevity. The motor oil is the lifeline for the engine that acts as blood, running through its course, to power its performance. Following are the most common questions associated with car oil, the types, quantity, engine oil change, its requirements, and benefits.

Here are 9 Common Engine Oil Related Questions and Answers

  1. How much engine oil does my car need?

  2. Generally, a car engine oil ranging between 5 to 8 quarts in quantity. The amount of engine oil needed will depend on the size of your car’s engine, which again varies with its make and model. The smaller the engine, the lower will be its oil quantity requirements.

    The amount of oil change will reduce if the filter is not replaced, thus reducing its working efficiency and hence it is always advisable to replace the oil filter every time you go for an engine oil change.

  3. What are the types of engine oil?

  4. Engine oils are broadly categorised into two kinds, mineral oil and synthetic oil. Whereas the former is primarily made of petroleum and its components, the latter is created by combining several synthetic elements.

    Mostly suited for older models and engines (without turbochargers), the mineral oil is cheaper than the other kinds, synthetic or semi-synthetic oils. The semi-synthetic oil is a blend of both performance and affordability in one, with synthetic oil’s quality feature and the price trait of mineral oil. Other types of oil introduced in the market include High-Mileage oil, Premium Oil (in various viscosities), etc.

  5. Most common engine oil functions?

  6. Five main functions of engine oil are as follows:

    • Protects the engine

    • The rust and corrosion inhibitors present in the engine oil protects it against wear and tear by reducing oil’s oxidation as it flows through the engine.

    • Improves vehicle’s life

    • Reducing friction is essential to prevent the metals from colliding against each other, leading to wear further.

    • Acts as a Purifier

    • The engine oil consists of additive detergent like particles that function to remove deposits from engine parts. Running through the course of the engine, it acts as a purifier by keeping the moving parts clean.

    • As a gap-filler change

    • The engine oil seals the space between the piston and cylinder, to improve the efficiency and performance of the engine.

    • Acts as a Coolant

    • While the engine, with its continuous running and parts movement, gets heated up, the engine oil here acts as a coolant to lubricate the parts and keep it cool enough.

    Oil change mobil

    Things You Need to Know About Oil Changes

  7. What do I need to know about engine oil changes?

  8. You must check your car’s engine oil levels periodically, every six months or every time you visit a mechanic for a minor fix. Check for any leakage in the unit at least once every month, to keep your car and yourself protected.

  9. When should you change your oil?

  10. Engines for all cars vary with their different make and models. With specific predetermined distances (like for every 5000-7000 km distance covered or every 2 years interval) and/or other factors like driving conditions, the need for oil change varies.

    For both,  petrol and diesel engines, the wait time for an oil change is more with synthetic oils than mineral oils. Look for your owner’s manual for the manufacturer recommendations to know when do you need a car oil change.

  11. Why is the engine oil changing colour?

  12. The most common colour of motor oil when sold is amber. It may turn black or grey due to various reasons.  Several factors that contribute to the changed colour of the motor oil include metal particles, additives like detergents, the heat of the engine, continuous combustion process, contaminants, etc.

    While inspecting the oil levels and during regular checks, keep in mind to check the colour of the oil. Presence of metal particles might indicate internal damage, or if the oil is milky white in appearance, it could be a result of coolant leakage.

  13. What are the benefits of an oil change?

    • With the functions running along the lines of how engine oil helps to keep the engine corrosion-free, removes deposits, keeps it cool, etc. the primary benefit of recommended oil change in intervals is for the vehicle’s improved performance and longer life.
    • A regular oil change keeps the performance of the engine intact so that one can rely on its best performance even with increasing use.
    • A faulty engine will increase fuel consumption making it less economical. With routine oil changes, you can keep the engine’s carbon emissions low and lower its fuel consumption.
  14. What happens if you don’t change your oil?

  15. The most common problems associated with not changing the engine oil relates to its losing the benefits of the oil. As the motor oil wears its properties, the engine will lose its lubricant, anti-corrosive and coolant property provider, thus resulting in it getting hot, along with deterioration and gradual wear and tear of its parts.

  16. Should I switch brands between oil changes?

  17. Engine oils are available in different grades, which are categorised based on their type, viscosity, heating point, performance and quality. Referring to your owner’s manual, you can change your motor oil brand as it is not harmful, as long as the engine oil change meets the viscosity grade and oil specification as mentioned by the manufacturer’s.

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