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Don’t Do These 4 Things If You Want to Retain Your Car Value

Retain your car value
Car care

Depreciation in values of anything we own could be a  nightmare. It is the gradual process in which, over time, due to wear and tear of its various parts, your car loses its value as a percentage to its original showroom price.

You begin to lose your car valuation the moment you step out of the facility riding it. It is estimated to lose about 11% of its value the instant it’s out of the lot and a gradual 15-25% each year in the consecutive first five years. Still with the gradual depreciation, if not enhance, you must know how to take proper care of your vehicle, to retain and preserve its car market value. 

Many of us have got to the routine of changing our cars regularly. Even if you plan to keep your car forever or not change it that frequently, your vehicle must be fit enough to retain its trade-in value. The things considered as an excellent sell-off car valuation includes its model and its various specifications, popularity, physical and working condition, routine maintenance, proper documentation, etc.

Maintain your car’s market value

Preserve the quality of your car to reduce depreciation. Follow the car’s manual and be on track with its maintenance and servicing needs. The overall outlook of your vehicle, including its exteriors and interiors, helps the buyer decide on a purchase. Every small impairment might result in lower car valuation. A depreciation in car value is affected by its type, make and model, its odometer readings, years of use and overall maintenance parameters.

Take note of these 4 areas if you’re looking to retain the maximum car value:

  1. Improper Documentation

  2. Your car’s potential buyer might investigate about your history of ownership, and for a car that has been properly maintained and taken care of. You need to get updated with all your car records and documents -the ones often lost at the bottom of the pile or in the ‘other’ paperwork section.

    Living in UAE, the following documents are mandated for a car resale – your Original Emirates ID, car’s service receipts, vehicle insurance and tests certificate, roadworthiness certificate, registration documents, etc. Ensure that you have all your maintenance and repair receipts with you; even if it is a minor car oil change invoice, do not throw it off. The more accurate the records, the better will be the impression on the buyer and car value.

  3. Ragged Appearance (Exterior/Interior)

  4. Car owners incline towards a shiny set of wheels and an impeccable exterior with a spotless interior. Your car interiors are a contributing factor to its depreciation value. Dust accumulated on the interiors will gradually lead to its wear and tear, which degrades the overall car quality. Vacuum the dirt regularly and keep all surfaces, car floor, mats, dashboard, console and upholstery fabric clean and dust-free. With various cleaning solutions that suit the surface’s fabric, leather, and quality, its care is a meticulous but rewarding process to follow. A spotless, clean interior, free of bad odour, stains has a brighter outlook to it and attracts the buyer.

    A shiny exterior is equally important as a sparkling interior.

    Smallest of scratches or dents will attract attention while your car is up for sale. With continuous exposure to sunlight, heat, moisture, etc., your car’s extra plastic trim coat might wear off and give a dull and faded appearance. Such impairments add a negative impression and lower the car’s market value. Take time to repair those marks and dents for your car’s smooth exterior. Your car headlights and taillights, glass panels, windscreen and window panes need to look impeccably smooth and clean for its rich presentation.

  5. Personalised Cover

  6. Accessorizing your car might not favour considering you will be selling it in future. You might like the engine upgrade (turbocharging, cold air intake, nitrous oxide engine, etc.), light modifications and other accessories. Still, those modifications might not fit well with the car’s prospective new owner. Avoid aftermarket modifications to retain your car’s value.

  7. Low Maintenance

  8. Regular maintenance will keep your car on top of its game. To retain your car’s valuation, invest in its proper servicing. Keep your car’s mechanism running smooth and fix every issue that demands attention, both as a safety measure and as one to retain your car’s market value. You might not be paying much attention to the on-and-off regular fixes or small services required, but these might create problems in the longer run. The small fixes can turn into a significant issue later and induce harm on your safety – avoid turning it into a substantial cost-overload and a future headache.

In order to retain your car value, keep in mind to avoid the heads, as mentioned above. Also, let us know about your car sale experiences in the comments section below. If you’re residing in UAE, check out Carcility, as your one-stop solution for all the car care needs. With instant quotes on numerous services and an easy-to-use application, visit our website for all your car-related queries. With Carcility you can get your car repair, service and maintenance scheduled with your nearest centre, and get real-time tracking of the service from anywhere at your convenience. You can also avail various ongoing offers on numerous plans and services. Download the car service app, now!

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