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Best Way To Wash A Car Without Scratching The Paints

Wash a car without scratching - Car Wash Tips
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Caring for your car is different in UAE than in most other places. With high temperatures during the days, low temperatures during the nights and the occasional dust storms – it is imperative that cars get more care. There is a need to know the importance to wash a car without scratching it while removing the dust and cleaning it.

UAE can experience up to 10 sandstorms a year, mainly during the summer. Since the 17th of April 2018, UAE has been experiencing strong rainy, hazy and dusty weather. Poor visibility and plenty of dust during these storms cause difficulties in driving. These kinds of shamals can last days. It is the aftermath of these sandstorms that make most people suffer, owing to the cleaning up process. Questions that run through most people’s heads go from – Will my car be okay? How will it affect the engine? What about the exterior? How to remove dust from car without scratching?

Here’s all you need to know about the best way to wash a car without scratching:

Car Wash Dubai

While washing your car, bear in mind that darker colors will show dust and swirls more than lighter colored cars. Following the methods mentioned as follows, you will be able to know how to wash a black car without scratching it.

Working condition of the car:

Give your car a once-over often and your car will be in perfect condition!

Wash car without scratching - Car Washing Tips

  1. Under the hood

    In a hot and dry place, the first thing to do is make sure that everything under the hood is in perfect working condition. Since there are sandstorms every year, it is best to make sure everything under the hood is clean and free of dust. Regular servicing can make sure that your car is in top condition. Get regular professional help to make sure your car isn’t affected by sand getting into all the crevices of your car. To make this easy for you, Check out the top car service centers in Dubai and learn more about choosing the best car wash service.

  2. Tire checks

    Make sure your tires are fine, and that the tread isn’t worn out. This is to keep your car running smoothly in all terrains and conditions.

  3. Windshield checks

    Before you proceed to clean your car, always make sure the windshield doesn’t have major scratches or any cracks. This could prove to be problematic while driving if ignored.

  4. Car fluid levels 

    Brake fluid, radiator fluid, wiper fluid, etc. all these need to be monitored. It is important to go through these checks no matter whether you’ve driven through a sandstorm or not.

  5. Radiator check

    Any obstructions in the radiator can cause the car to overheat. This needs to be checked regularly.

  6. AC Vents

    The vents need to be checked often. Especially in arid places like UAE, there is a high possibility of dust collection as well as other tiny particles. We need to properly know how to remove dust from car ac vents while there might be dust present inside. The dust particles need to be removed from the AC vents to prevent poisoning the air. These checks are mandatory whether your car has been through a sandstorm or not. They help keep the car running smoothly all year round. It is also advisable to keep a close watch on your servicing schedule. Get your car serviced by professionals regularly to avoid any major issues.

Cleaning the interiors of the car:

Go through the step-by-step process on how to clean your car interiors and feel great every time you step into it!
Car Interior Washing Tips

  1. Cleaning out the clutter 

    Anything you can see on the floor of the car, in the compartments, on the doors, and inside the pouch on the back of the seats, pick up and toss out if not needed. Empty bottles, used tissue paper, spilled dry food and more have a way of piling up even in the cleanest of cars. Make sure you get rid of this clutter before you start the real cleaning process.

  2. Cleaning the AC vents 

    Using a small foam brush you can clean the vents of particles of dust and dirt. This will make sure you are breathing clean air when the AC is turned on. Use a vacuum cleaner to collect the dust as you clean the AC vents so that the dust doesn’t get everywhere else. Use a germicide to clean the vents to further safeguard yourself. Get the filters and AC coolant checked regularly to make sure your AC is in perfect condition. That will also help to can get rid of ac odors.

  3. Cleaning the dashboard 

     Here’s how to clean car dashboard – Using a brush, dust off the front of the car – from the dashboard to the steering wheel, the speedometer, the music system, the gear and dials, and knobs. Vacuum up the dust as you’re brushing it off. Use a damp cloth or germicide to clean the spots you have dusted off.

  4. Cleaning the seats 

    Generally, the seats have a way of getting a lot of dirt spilled on themselves! So first vacuum the folds of the seats, then the rest of the seats. After vacuuming them, if you find that the smallest of dirt particles are embedded within the texture of your seat upholstery, you can use a toothbrush dipped in soapy water to clean it up. Be gentle enough to avoid destroying the upholstery, though. If you’ve got a pet, use a foam roller to get rid of any fur or hair that could be on the seats.

  5. Cleaning the floor of the car 

    Pull out the floor mats, and dust them first. Wash the mats out thoroughly and let them dry whilst you clean the rest of the car. Vacuum the floor of the car thoroughly, to get out any particles of dust or small bits of trash off the car. Scrub out any sticky or greasy spots on the floor of the car.

  6. Polishing the dashboard

    Use a pea-sized dollop of wax on a cloth to shine up the leather on your dashboard. It will make sure your car sparkles from inside out! You can also use the residual wax or oil to shine up the steering wheel. Make sure to use as little as possible, since the steering wheel could end up slippery. Minimal wax or oil with maximum elbow grease is the best way to go about this.

  7. Cleaning the windshields 

    Using a glass cleaning formula, clean the inside of your windshields thoroughly. You can use a small bit of newspaper to finish up. This can keep the glass sparkling clean, while also aiding visibility.

  8. Window Cleaning 

    Clean the inside of the windows just like you would clean the windshield. Don’t forget to roll your windows down and clean the top of the glass. A lot of grime and dirt can get collected there. Make sure to clean the glass without scratching it. You can also clean the groove into which the glass is rolled up with a small toothbrush or foam brush.

  9. Freshening the air 

    Use a natural air freshener to keep your car smelling like a daisy! Avoid air fresheners with too many chemicals. Instead, opt for an organic or natural formula made from all-natural ingredients. Again this will be a great way to get rid of ac odors and keep your car smelling like your favorite flower or fruit.

    Always air out the car after you clean the interiors. This helps get rid of the smells of all the cleaning products you’ve used. Wait about 15-20 minutes before proceeding to the exterior of the car. Once your floor mats are nice and dry, return them to their places and ensure they fit perfectly. Keep a track of which floor mat goes where, since they are all cut in different shapes to fit all the grooves. You can also check our tips on how to wash a car – Do’s and Don’t.

Cleaning the exterior of the car:

Car Exterior Cleaning without scratching

With dust and sand being made up of small particles of stones, as well as individual grains, it is best to go through the following process while cleaning your car. If you follow the list, you will know the best way to wash a car without scratching it.

Items you will require to clean the exterior:

  •  Cleanser – car cleansing formula, mild soap, baby shampoo
  •  Glass cleaner
  •  Buckets/Mugs and/or a hosepipe
  •  Sponge
  •  Soft cotton cloth (like a cheesecloth)
  •  Car Wax
  •  Power buffing tool (Optional)
  1. Rinse first

    Washing your car when it’s dusty must be done with extreme caution. If you’re not careful, you could leave multiple scratches on the car. Pour water to get rid of the sand particles from the surface of the car. However, be judicious and don’t wastewater. Start at the top of the car and work your way downwards, to prevent wastage of water. Remove any debris that you can see.

  2. Sponge next

    Dip a sponge in water and gently rub the surface of the car. Use an up and down motion, rather than circular motions. This will help avoid swirl marks. When it comes to darker colored cars, especially black, swirl marks stand out. So, you ask, “how to avoid swirl marks on black cars or dark colored cars in general”. Simply by avoiding circular motions while washing the car! Sponging is always to follow a rinse to prevent scratching the car. You can use a car cleanser formula, mild soap or even baby shampoo! Drop a little bit of your chosen cleansing solution into a mug of water and make it froth slightly. Use the sponge to wipe away the dust and dirt.

  3. Rinse again

    Once you have sponged down the car, follow up with a second rinse. This gets rid of any residual sand particles, as well as the froth from the soap. Do not use more water than necessary.

  4. Wheel clean

    Use a soapy sponge to clean the tires only after the rest of the car is cleaned. Avoid using any cleaning agent that has acidic content. This will damage the finishing of your tires. Once you have used a soapy sponge to clean your tires, you can rinse it off with water.

  5.  Dry off the car

    Use a soft cotton cloth (like cheesecloths) to wipe down the car. Wiping the car immediately after rinsing it is the best way to prevent water stains. This also helps avoid more dust gathering on a wet surface. Wipe the car in gentle up and down motions. This prevents swirl marks.

  6. Clean windshields and windows

    Squirt some glass cleaner spray or liquid onto the windshields. Clean thoroughly with a sponge. You can use a small bit of newspaper to complete the process. Follow the same procedure for your windows. Keeping all the windows and the windscreens clean is imperative for clear visibility while driving.

  7. Wax the car

    One of the most important steps is to wax your car. Get the right brand of store-bought car wax. Ensure that your car is completely clean and dust-free. Keep your car out of direct sunlight while you wax it. Direct sunlight and extreme heat can harden the wax before you are done. Scoop out a small penny-sized dollop of wax with your foam applicator. Use this for roughly 2’x2’ segments of your car, reapplying only when necessary. Avoid using too much wax. It is always better to keep it on the lesser side than more. Use gentle, overlapping circular motions to apply the wax on to the car. Make sure you apply it in the same direction. Optionally, you can also use a power buff to keep your car shinier. Waxing your car can ensure that some of the dust particles slide off, while also protecting the top coat of the car’s paint job. A thorough waxing is recommended once every 2-3 months.

    Follow every step in order to give your car the entire care package. Buffing your car is optional, but it sure does wonders for your car! Keep your car healthy, inside and out. Now that you know how to remove dust from car without scratching it
    , what are you waiting for? Go ahead and brave even dust storms without worry (this, of course, depends on the magnitude of the storm and how safe it is to drive in it!) After all, what fun is having a car and not being able to drive it around?

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