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Is your car battery dying? Spot the signs early!

Carcility - Is your car battery dying Spot the signs early
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The battery is a vital component of any automobile, as it stores energy and provides it to start the engine and power various electrical components in the vehicle. It also helps maintain voltage at consistent levels, preventing damage to sensitive electronic components. Just as with any other component, the battery also has a life span, after which it has to be replaced with a new one. However, there are some warning indicators that help you know whether the battery is nearing the end of its life.


1. Starting Trouble: If the car is not responding to turning the ignition key or if the starter motor cranks slowly or struggles to start, it is a clear indication that the battery is due for replacement. Flickering noise or strange sound while starting the engine also spells trouble for the battery.


2. Battery Warning Light: All new-generation cars are equipped with warning lights on the dashboard. The battery warning light is represented by a figure of a battery, and if the red outlines of the battery illuminate when starting the engine, it is time for battery replacement.


3. Headlights Dim: When the engine is turned off and the headlights are dim, it could indicate a faulty battery. When the vehicle is running and the lights are dim, it is an indication of a weak battery.


4. Battery Life: Normally, batteries last up to four or five years, but poor maintenance can reduce the life of the battery. Factors such as heat, heavy use, frequent short trips, less mileage clocked, and battery terminal corrosion can reduce the life of the battery.


5. Electrical System Indicators: Flickering of dashboard lights, weak sound system, and phone charger not charging are indicators of a weak battery. Or the engine turns off when operating the power windows, or the windows operate at a low pace. Apart from that, leakage of lead acid is also an indicator for battery replacement.


Battery Service

Regular battery service helps prolong the life of the battery and ensure the smooth functioning of the vehicle. Carcility, the car repair and car service center in Dubai, offers battery service, which includes checking the corrosion of terminals, voltage, and distilled water levels. Battery voltage has to be tested regularly to gauge the health of the battery. A healthy battery should hit a voltage of 12.5 or more.

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