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5 Essential Tools Every 4WD Trip Demands

5 Essential Tools Every 4WD Trip Demands - Carcility
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You have decided to go on a trip with family or friends. Going in your vehicle provides comfort, luxury, and privacy. More importantly, it provides the freedom to chart your journey with halts or breaks at appropriate points. This may not be possible with any other mode of transport. Ensure that your car is always in perfect condition by undertaking a minor car service or inspection at a car service near you


But as with life, a journey can also come up with surprises and bad experiences too. A car is a machine and is prone to issues due to internal or external factors. Therefore, it is good to have a set of essential tools to navigate the journey without trouble. 


Here are five essential tools to have in your 4WD for a safe journey:


1. Spare Tyre, jack, lug wrench, tyre inflator: Tyres are prone to get punctured or may have insufficient air which makes driving difficult. Having a spare tyre helps in emergencies where the tyre has to be replaced. A jack and a wrench are required to lift the vehicle and loosen the lug nuts to remove the tyre and replace it with a new one. A mechanical tyre inflator helps to inflate the tyre.


2. Basic Tool: The basic tool kit contains such items as screwdrivers, adjustable wrenches, multi-tools, and pliers helpful for handling minor repairs. It is good for fixing loose bolts, adjusting components, or addressing other small issues that may arise.


3. Jump Cables or Portable Jump Starter: Jumper cables or portable jump starters can prove to be useful in case the battery turns dead. Ensure that you know how to use it safely without causing trouble.


4. Flash Light: In case of trouble while driving at night, you may need to check under the hood, for which a mobile phone light may not be sufficient. A flashlight helps to inspect the car engine parts and under the hood.


5. Tow Strap: In case your car gets stuck on a muddy road or difficult terrain, a tow strap helps pull out the vehicle and get it back on the road. 


Another essential kit is the first aid kit which contains antiseptic, gauze, and plaster, and also consider having painkillers. A portable vacuum cleaner helps clean the debris of food particles, crumbs, paper, or tissue inside the car and keeps the car fresh and clean.


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We wish you a happy journey!