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The Full Major Car Service Checklist (All-in-one) [Guide]

Car service checklist
Car maintenanceCar service

A car is not just a vehicle – it’s usually a precious part of the family. Right from the research for the selection of the right car to the maintenance process – it’s meticulous for most of us (if not all!) When a car is so precious, it is only fair to say that a regular car service checklist of things ought to be followed to ensure the car itself has a long and happy life.

Your vehicle has become an indispensable part of your life and so to keep enjoying the fruits of your vehicle’s service, you must take its proper care. Not everyone follows the regular maintenance that their car needs, ignoring the maintenance or service requirements, thus resulting in an even more prominent, significant damage that surfaces in the long run.

What regular maintenance should be done on a car?

Certain car parts involved in regular use and susceptible to wear and tear need regular maintenance for their smooth functioning. The regular maintenance that your vehicle requires include:

    1. Car Oil

      The lifeblood of your engine is oil. Keep note of its requirements for your car’s oil change, refills and its filter check.

    2. Air Filter

      Your car’s air filter functions to keep the air circulating inside your vehicle’s system clean. A clogged air filter will not only cause damage to the car parts and poor performances but will harm your health as well.

    3. Other Car Fluids

      The car oil is not the only fluid that needs a check. Other fluids like the transmission fluid, coolants, brake fluids and washer fluids need to be checked periodically to guarantee their respective performances.

    4. Car Battery

Your car battery forms an essential part of the routine checks. You don’t want to get stranded with a dead battery. Periodic battery checks will secure its performance.

What is the basic maintenance of a car?

Keep in mind to follow these points in order to fulfill the basic maintenance requirements of your car:

  1. Ensure adequate tire checks
  2. Ensure proper brake checks
  3. Check for your vehicle’s lights proper functioning to ensure safety
  4. Keep the vehicle’s interior and exterior clean and attend to its service needs
  5. Follow the owner’s manual regularly for all service requirements

While taking your car to the garage is important, it is also important to go through a checklist of your own. This full major car service checklist we’ve put together will help you make sure your car is always okay.


This full car service checklist we’ve put together is to make sure that you’re doing all you can, from your end, to keep your car running smoothly. To make it even easier, the checklists are printable and easy to use to mark all the steps that are completed. Whether you perform the car check-up yourself or specify these checks to a mechanical expert, you have the major car service checklist to go through. Organized by the kilometers on the car, it is easy to follow at every step.

Car Service Checklist
Car Service Checklist



Every 10,000 kms do the following Every 20,000 kms or annually, do the following Every 60,000 kms do the following: Others Status
Monitor the engine oil and oil filter Go through the entire service checklist that you follow for every 10,000 km Replace the timing belt or balancer For some cars, it is advisable to check the tappet clearance. Check the manual before changing tappet settings.
Check the air levels of all tyres Flush out the radiator and change engine coolant Change the water pump Every 5 years, it is recommended that the alternator and car starter are serviced.
Ensure that the coolant, power steering fluid, brake fluid, and transmission fluid are all at the required levels Check the wiper blades, replace if necessary Check the suspension and revamp if necessary
Examine the condition of the air filter Replace the fuel filter Ensure all drive belts are changed
Ensure your wheel alignment, balance and alignment are in perfect condition Ensure that your brakes are clean and in perfect working condition Replace all the hose pipes
Check the condition of all belts, and make sure they’re perfect Make sure the brake hoses and lines are fine Change the air filter
Make sure all hose pipes are in working condition and replace old or worn ones Check whether the spark plugs are in good condition Monitor the clutch plate status
Keep wiper blades clean and free of dust Examine the engine’s idle settings Replace engine mounts if necessary
Adjust wiper washer nozzles Monitor the clutch release arm travel
Keep all lights (tail lights and headlights, as well as lights inside the car) in perfect working condition Check the suspension of the car
Maintain the engine and battery condition, replacing whatever necessary Find out whether the steering gearbox and boots are okay
Clean and wax the car regularly Check the driveshaft boots
Paint and cover any nicks and cracks
Get rid of rust spots before they worsen

For the first service, it is always recommended that you do an overall maintenance check. However, as time passes by, it is best to give your vehicle a detailed and step-by-step check, since time adds wear and tear. The aforementioned comprehensive car care checklist takes you through everything that is required for the lifetime of your vehicle. Research by VIS the organizers of the Middle East Cleaning Technology Week (MECTW) shows that a large percentage of car owners don’t opt for fixing multiple small dents.

This could be due to the possibility of repeated denting of cars especially when cars are parked. These dents can be fixed during servicing by experts. Once the small issues start to pile up, it often snowballs into expensive car repairs. Dealing with them at the earliest can help avoid longer car maintenance bills.

Full Car Service Checklist
Car Services


Performing the checks yourself could be time-consuming. So, if you’d rather leave the care of your car to mechanics and car service centers in Dubai, your work becomes easier. You just need to check off the following while dropping off and picking up your car. Also, check our article on – What does a full car service include?

Car Maintenance
Car Maintenance


Service Status
Understanding the history and details of the car – purchase date, manufacturing date, prior services, damage history, etc
Timing belt replacement intervals
Checking for car damages – if any – to the body, the engine, lamps, trims, etc
Seatbelt condition checks
Monitoring the operation of lights – interior and exterior
Checking the functioning of ABS and airbag warning lights
Examining windscreen washers and wipers
Testing the horn
Monitoring the operation of suspension dampers
Lubricating hinges, locks and bonnet catches
Examining the fuel cap condition
Cooling system checking
Monitoring the brake fluid boiling point
Examining the auxiliary drive belts
Checking the engine breather system
Monitoring the vacuum pipes
Testing the power steering operation and fluid condition
Checking full throttle settings and lubrication of linkage
Checking the battery status and terminal lubrication
Topping up the levels of all fluids in the car
Oil filter changing and new sump plug washer fitting
Checking fuel lines and brake pipes
Exhaust condition and security monitoring
Monitoring the rear axle and transfer box oil levels
Gearbox oil topping up
Steering and suspension joints, mounting and gaiters checking
Carrying out tyre checks
Wheel bearings checking
Checking CV gaiters and joints for wear or splits
Checking the clutch adjustment
Monitoring the greasing points, greasing wherever necessary
Front brakes, rear brakes, and handbrake checking; brake report generation
Engine oil refilling
Checking torque wheel nuts and studs
Road testing of vehicle
Emission report generation
Service lights resetting
Ensuring that the upholstery, gear lever, steering wheel, and interiors are clean
Ensuring exteriors are cleaned and waxed
Suggesting paint jobs if necessary to cover nicks and rust spots

While you hand over the car to a professional, all your issues are looked over by them and taken care of. Find a professional car service provider near you!
However, oftentimes, the bill doesn’t list what was done to the car. Having a car service checklist handy can help understand the procedures followed and what the actual issue was.

Vehicle Maintenance Checklist
Vehicle Maintenance Checklist

With these two Major Car Service Checklist in Dubai, you can rest assured that your car will always run smoothly. After all, who doesn’t love the purr of a well looked after car?

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