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DIY Car Maintenance Hacks for Beginners

Car maintenance hacks for cleaning car exterior
Car maintenance

Buying your dream car and maintaining the same are completely different tasks altogether. While one requires passion and some careful budget, the other is a process of learning, rinsing and repeating. Most new car-owners get flabbergasted by the sheer number of duties and pointers they need to keep in mind in order to keep their car running as efficiently as possible – and technology advancing at a rapid pace is not helping either. Therefore, we decided to put together some DIY car maintenance hacks that every car owner should keep in mind after buying their first vehicle in order to stay out of trouble.

Now, you should know that the following are not meant to be a comprehensive major car maintenance checklist but only a starting point for beginners. It is always recommended to get your car checked by a professional at the first hint of trouble.

So, Here are the 8 DIY Car maintenance hacks You Shouldn’t miss out :

  1. Manual Learning

    car maintenance learning manualOne of the first things that a new car-owner should keep in mind is to carry the manual of the car with them at all times. You simply never know when you might need it handy, so it’s always better to carry it around. Alternatively, several car companies now provide the manual digitally as a download on their website. However, always keep a physical copy with you even if you have access to the digital ones just in case your phone’s battery dies or your car breaks down in an area without network.


  2. Keeping Tabs

    Car condition tracking maintenance appIn addition to apps like Carcility, which can provide support in case of breakdowns and maintenance, there are several other apps that will help you track your car condition and its relative car service requirements. These apps are readily available on all online app stores and help you keep track of service dates, maintenance requirements and hypothetical fluid levels.


  3. Proper Peripherals

    Cup holder inside carMost cars nowadays come with prefixed peripherals like cup-holders and phone mounts. However, these are not exactly optimal for all conditions. We recommend that you check the width and the depth of the holder according to your most frequented drink and make changes as required. You can also choose to muffle the insides of the holder with a sock which helps in gripping your drink.


  4. Internal Affairs

    Cleaning car interiorCleanliness is extremely important when it comes to the overall appeal of your car. Now most owners will take care of the basics like car wash regularly, wiping windshields and mirrors, etc. However, the interiors of your car are as important as your exterior, if not more. After all, the interior is where you will be spending your time in and the ambiance definitely leaves a lasting impression, good or otherwise. Clean your mats once a week, vacuum the seats, spray for bugs and replace the air-freshener if necessary. These can go a long way in keeping your car hygienic in the long run.


  5. Shining Example

    Car maintenance hacks for cleaning car exterior

    As a rule of thumb, we always recommend car interior cleaning before the exterior. A car that looks good on the outside is dysfunctional if the insides are a mess. However, once you have interiors taken care of, it’s time to spruce up the exterior. Car waxes nowadays are extremely efficient in restoring the shine to your car, so make sure that you get it done if your car looks lackluster. It also helps in protecting the paint of your car from UV radiation and other harmful chemicals.


  6. Fluid Control

    Car fluid controlNow that we have the looks covered, it’s time to delve into the more technical side of things! We all know that we need to constantly check the fuel levels in our car in order to ensure an effortless trip, actual maintenance of fluids goes more than that. We also need to regularly monitor the motor oil levels, the power steering fluid levels and coolant levels in our car in order to ensure a smooth drive. Refer to your car manual or visit our website if you need more assistance with this.


  7. Red Alert

    Car dashboard warning lightsOur cars have become truly advanced and sophisticated pieces of machinery! Gone are the days when we had to manually check each component of the vehicle in order to diagnose its issues. Cars now have dedicated ways of communicating with their drivers that will tell them exactly what’s failing in their vehicles. So make sure you keep a lookout for these car warning lights at all times. Refer to your car manual for a complete list of warnings that your car may communicate to you.


  8. Knowledge Overdrive

    Overall car engine checkLastly, learning from your experiences and those of others can actually go a long way in making you a better driver. Always try to learn more about your vehicle – how it feels and sounds when it’s running properly proper handling and tuning, and its most recurring issues. Learn to take care of essential tasks on the go such as checking tread depth and tyre pressure; changing batteries, air filters and tyres; and refilling essential fluids. You can refer to the car manual or our website for detailed explanations on the same.

    These are the top 8 car maintenance hacks for new beginners when it comes to keeping a good condition of your car according to us. If you are still having issues with your car, then feel free to click here to get connected to one of our trusted mechanics right now. Do you have other tips that you would like to add to this list? Let us know in the comments below!

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