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10 Useful Tips to Save Car Repair Cost in Dubai

Tips to save car repair cost
Car repair

Your car needs repair and maintenance every now and then. If you think you need to know a lot about these and save on car repair cost then these tips are for you. They can help you save your AEDs significantly.

So Here are 10 Tips to Help Reduce Your Car Repair Cost

  1. Owner’s manual to the rescue:

    Familiarize yourself with the scheduled maintenance guide that comes with your car. This guide tells you when your manufacturer suggests car maintenance. Reading this with attention will help you learn how you can spend your limited AEDs for maintenance.

  2. Find a reliable car service provider:

    You can ask your family, co-workers, and friends if they know a shop or car mechanic they trust. Look out for local auto repair shops specializing in your make of car. When selecting an auto repair shop, keep in mind to check if their work area has a clean floor or not. You wouldn’t want a shop that has empty fluid containers, shop rags, and other scraps on the floors. Also, you wouldn’t want sloppy mechanics working on your car.

  3. Opt for preventive maintenance:

    If you want to check the reliability of an auto repair service center, go to one, when your car requires an oil change and oil filter change. That is one of the most important preventive car maintenance measures you can take. If they provide you with an estimate for a list of added services for maintenance, ensure that they can show you if it is a list for your specific vehicle and that it agrees with your car’s current mileage. If you can’t afford it that day, trim the list down to the size of your wallet after asking the most important maintenance services that you need for your car. You can then plan a budget and have a goal for the others. You can also check with your friends about possible car repair cost estimates.

  4. Find out the regular price for auto repairs in your area:

    With the Carcility app, you can see estimates of car repair costs provided by different service providers near you. You’ll get multiple fair quotes and auto repair estimates from them. You can select from a range of car service providers near your location.

  5. Pay attention to the warning signs:

    If the check engine light comes on after starting up your car, get it checked immediately.  If your car’s check engine light flashes on and off, have the car towed to your chosen car repair Center. Don’t ignore the flashing light as it could cause severe engine damage and even result in engine replacement.

  6. Do-it-yourself (DIY) sometimes:

    There are certain jobs regarding your car that you can do yourself. Changing your air filter and wiper blades are easy when you know how to. You can ask a parts person at your local auto parts store to help you choose the correct wiper blade or air filter for your vehicle. Then ask him for help in installing the parts. This way, you save money if they show you how and they ensure you’ll come back to them for parts.

  7. Find a ding repair expert:

    Your vehicle may get dings, dents, and chips in the paint finish. In this case, an auto body shop will want to sand down all the components dented or chipped and repaint and re-clear coat the whole thing which will turn out to be very expensive. You can check around at used car lots to see if you can find out who repairs dings and dents on the used cars that come in for resale. Get your car’s dents and dings repaired to help prevent rust which will help maintain the value of your car.

  8. Maintain a relationship with your mechanic:

    Going to a mechanic is like going to the doctor. Your mechanic is your car’s doctor and every mechanic out there is different. You should look for verified car service providers. If you’re looking for a car service provider, you expect those service providers to have experience and expertise. At Carcility, each service provider is highly skilled so you need not worry about your car being in the wrong hands. Thus, you can develop a long-term relationship with your mechanic.

  9. Get opinions from your closed ones: closed one?….didn’t understand

    If you have yet to find a regular car mechanic, you can always explore a variety of car service providers. When you get a car repair estimate, make sure you get the cost breakdown for parts and labor in writing. Take that estimate with you so the next mechanic can review it before evaluating your car and giving you a second opinion.  With the Carcility app, you can easily compare the quotes provided by different service providers at one go. Each car has different requirements for its parts based on its make, model, and manufacture year. If you allow a new mechanic to lay eyes on the car, you’ll be truly ensured in getting a fair opinion. And if it turns out the second opinion is cheaper, you can save some money.

  10. Find out about used parts:

    Once you’ve agreed to go forward with a repair, you can ask about getting used parts. Once in a while, your car’s headlight gets bashed up and gets water in it, or you break a side-view mirror. Sometimes you can replace those parts with used parts, and that saves a lot of money. Look for the best quality rather than choosing the cheapest option when you’re looking for a used product. If you pay for a used part that will break soon after you buy,  it will end up costing you more money down the line.

    Car repairing does take time, money and the right expertise. What if, instead of going to a different car service provider physically and finding out how to save car repair cost and quality of service provided, you got it within a few taps on your phone? If that sounds good to you & If you are in Dubai & want your Car repair in Dubai, get the Carcility app for your Android or iPhone phone right now! 

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